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We all know that hackers are never good news. All they want to do is ruin someone’s day by planting a threat in an innocent person’s PC or steal some data from a business. However, some hackers could potentially have much more dangerous (and deadly) agendas, like sabotaging hospital equipment. We know, you don’t often […]

There’s a wicked string of malware on the Internet that locks users out of their browser and directs them to call a phone number. That phone number reaches hackers who have set up a subterfuge as an IT support company. If this happens to you, even if you are in the middle of something important, […]

Cloud computing started out as a trend, but it’s become a staple in the modern business environment. A recent poll of IT and business executives by Harvard Business Review and Verizon shows that 84 percent of respondents have increased their use of cloud services in the past year, 39 percent of which “increased significantly.” The […]

An email could be just about anything, and you should always approach them with caution. What appears to be a harmless attachment could be a spam message in disguise, with malware or viruses attached. Keeping this kind of security in mind can be difficult for the average business, but if your organization uses Gmail, you’ll […]

One experience shared by every mobile device user is batteries losing power faster than they’d like. Until someone invents a battery that never again needs to be recharged, this struggle will always be real. Here are seven ways to make your mobile device’s battery last longer. Dim Your Screen Go to Settings > Display and […]

With Windows 10 making leaps and bounds in the business environment, Microsoft has created another commercial success for both consumer use and workplace productivity. In recent weeks, Windows 10’s adoption has slowed significantly, but in a few years it’s expected to surpass other Windows operating systems in terms of usability. Gartner has made a prediction […]

Cellphone etiquette goes hand-in-hand with common sense. Here are four cellphone etiquette tips that every device owner should know. Don’t Use Your Phone During Mealtime Mealtime is a social time for pretty much every culture around the globe. During this time, it’s expected that you are fully present and engaged in conversation–which is super hard […]

Your business relies on a steady Internet connection to maintain operations. The inner workings of your cabling infrastructure are what ensure that you constantly have access to both online and offline networks for your organization. Most businesses utilize the services of major cable companies like Time Warner Cable and Comcast to facilitate this need, but […]

The cloud is a great tool that can help your business fully leverage its technology solutions, but one of the most common problems that people associate with the cloud is that they believe it’s not nearly as secure as a private in-house IT network. However, contrary to popular belief, the cloud is a very secure […]

Password security is quite the conundrum. We want our passwords to be easy to remember, but the problem is that passwords that are easy to remember are often simple and insecure. Therefore, it becomes a best practice to use complicated passwords with both upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols to compensate. The “passpoem” might […]