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IT professionals will always talk about the importance of data backup, and why shouldn’t we? It is a crucial process each business owner should understand. It really comes down to this: Many of the IT services we provide can present your endeavor with value, but only one of them can perform miracles, the Backup and […]

For business professionals needing to access sensitive information, a public PC is never the first choice. We’ve all suspected it, and now there’s government-issued proof that hackers are targeting public computers. However, don’t be deterred from using public terminals; there are ways to get around hackers and their traps. A recently issued memo by the […]

When you think of viruses and malware, you think of attacks on a digital scale. An attack in the digital world can’t do anything in the physical world, right? It turns out that hacking can lead to bigger problems, like the recent meltdown of a blast furnace at a German steel mill. WIRED magazine reports […]

Malware often takes the form of certain unrecognizable web entities, which can make detecting threats tricky at times. New features in popular web browsers, most notably Google Chrome, are making progress toward identifying these threats before they cause your business harm. Chrome’s “Safe Browsing” feature is a good tool to augment your current network security […]

Technology keeps getting cooler, but the cost of running the technology remains the same. Do you know just how much energy your computer uses annually? If not, you might want to take some time to calculate your PC’s energy cost, as it could be affecting both your energy bill and the environment. Microsoft offers a […]

Have you ever wondered where some of the top talent in the world comes from? Not everyone knows how to find the best vendor for their needs, but with our IT service called vendor management, we find fixes to problems which lie outside our area of expertise. Despite what you might think, you may not […]

While most search engines are pretty good at weeding out malicious sites and not displaying them, some are better than others. According to AV-Test, a German independent testing lab, the top search engines, Bing and Google, are miles apart in terms of secure searching. It’s not possible for search engines to catch all malicious sites […]

It’s the new year, and that means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Sitting down at your desk all day can make you realize that you’d like to get some more exercise into your lifestyle, but you also might realize that you have nowhere near enough time to make it to the gym. If this […]

Have you ever been stuck in a technology rut while working on a major project? If this is an everyday occurrence for you, your gut might be telling you that there’s a better way to handle your business’s IT. Most of the time, there’s usually a better way to handle these issues, and it’s with […]

When you have your workstation’s browser just the way you want it, you feel unstoppable. You have all of your most-frequently visited websites stashed in your browser’s bookmarks, and your latest search results can point you right where you want to go. Then your hard drive crashes, and you’re left with nothing whatsoever. What can […]