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Microsoft began notifying Outlook.com users of a 2019 security breach that occurred between January 1st and March 28th. Hackers were unintentionally given unauthorized access to some accounts, where they were then able to view subject lines, email addresses, and folder names. While no login details—including passwords—were directly accessed as part of this breach, Microsoft did […]

It seems like no matter how hard you work you can never keep everyone on the “same page.” A few “stragglers” here and there can ruin your project plans.

Business objectives should help determine how technology will be used. The growth planning helps as technology experts determine the plans for support services. Several companies of many sizes are continuing their research of private and public clouds. The question is, “Should we go with a private cloud or public cloud?” The reviews of public and […]

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You know that saying, “Don’t mix business with pleasure”? While that phrase normally tends to refer to more… risqué activities, that’s not where I’m going with this. But it is a good frame of mind to have when it comes to balancing your work life with your personal life.

Firewalls were developed over thirty years ago and function as the first line of defense for many business networks. This piece of network equipment is a perimeter defense that determines whether packets can move into or out of the network. While the basic concept of a firewall is simple, the way that it performs this […]

There is a point in every small business’s lifecycle when technology becomes integral to the business. With some organizations, this could be the first day they are in existence — with others, it may be several months to a year or more before technical challenges begin to invade business operations. This can come on slowly, […]

Podcasts are huge these days. Popular podcast Serial has been downloaded millions of times and has become a pop culture phenomenon right alongside other “did they really do it” series like Netflix’s Making a Murderer. Podcasts are also used for informational and educational purposes. NPR offers its programs in podcast form so users can listen at their own pace. […]

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