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Do You Know How To Get Everyone On The Same Page With Microsoft Office 365?

It seems like no matter how hard you work you can never keep everyone on the “same page.” A few “stragglers” here and there can ruin your project plans. Make sure you have all of your key people working where and when you want them to with these tips for Microsoft Office 365.

1. Use SharePoint To Set Up A Home Base

You can empower sharing and collaboration with SharePoint by giving your people a home base where they can collaborate on content and view important updates. They can share common resources and applications, and you can broadcast your messages with ease.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to the Site Actions menu.
  • Click New Site and select a template from the “Featured Items” or “Browse All” tabs.
  • Give your new site a name and URL.
  • Click “Create.”
  • On your new site, choose a theme and upload the files you want to share.
  • Set permissions for who can access your new site and invite your team members to join!

2. Now that you have your team site set up, you can use it both online and offline.

How to work offline:

  • Create a copy of your team site on your local computer and set it to automatically synchronize with your online team site.
  • Under Site Actions, click “Sync to SharePoint Workspace.”
  • In the Account Configuration Wizard click “Create a New Account.”
  • Name your account and provide an email address.
  • Click “Finish.”

3. Set Up A Team Calendar To Keep Everyone On The Same Page.

  • Go to the site where you want to put your Calendar.
  • Click “Site Actions” > “View All Site Content” > “Create.”
  • On the Create Page, under Tracking, click “Calendar.”
  • Now, just give your Calendar a name and click “Create.”

4. Help Everyone Collaborate On Documents In Real Time.

Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps lets team members work in documents at the same time with no need to email versions back and forth. Here’s how to set this up:

  • Go to the Document Library on your SharePoint site.
  • Select the link associated with the document.
  • The document will open up in the appropriate Web Application.
  • If SharePoint asks you to choose either “Read Only” or “Edit,” hover your cursor over the name of the document. Click the arrow that appears.
  • Next, select “View in Browser” if you only want your team to read the document, or “Edit in Browser” if you want them to edit the document.
  • When you save the file, it will automatically appear in the Shared Documents.

5. Want Your Team To Work In Real-Time On A Spreadsheet?

Use the Excel Web Application.

  • Go to the Document Library on your SharePoint site.
  • Select the link for your Excel workbook.
  • Copy the URL for the workbook to an email or instant message and send it to the people you want to work on it.
  • In the Excel Web Application, click “Edit in Browser” to edit the workbook.
  • The recipients of your message can now click the link you sent and edit the workbook together. You’ll see each other’s changes as they are made.

Working together is easy when everyone “stays on the same page.” And Microsoft Office 365 makes it so easy!

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