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Cardiology IT Services Computer SupportGet To The Heart Of Your IT Issues!

Are you looking for IT Service and Support that gets to the “heart of the matter?” A company that works to prevent IT issues like your physicians prevent health problems?

Read our complete case study on our cardiology IT healthcare services.

Do You Want To Prevent IT Issues Before They Cause Problems?

Many businesses allow equipment to degrade to the point where it’s no longer functional. NTConnections plans ahead and lets our clients know when a device or IT solution needs attention.

We prevent downtime and IT security problems using both onsite and remote services. And we’ll only advise that you upgrade or replace your hardware or software if you really need to.

Prevention Is The Best Medicine When It Comes To IT

NTConnections Uses Proactive Technology Solutions To Ensure Reliability & Security

Here’s how we do this for one cardiology practice in Alexandria, Virginia…

Cardiology Specialists of Virginia (CSV) specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of cardiovascular illnesses. Their board-certified cardiologists offer state-of-the-art diagnostic services. They perform the latest invasive and interventional techniques to diagnose and treat cardiac problems.

The team at NTConnections “operates” under the same principles that CSV does. And we’ve been providing these preventive IT services to CSV for the last 18 years.

Their office manager, Lawshawn Cook, took the time to explain in this interview why she recommends NTConnections to other cardiologists and healthcare practices in the DC Area.

Why Did You Choose NTConnections?

“We knew Scott Ostergard before he started NTConnections. Actually, we were his first client! I’ve been here 18 years, and NTConnections has always been our IT service company.”

Over the years NTConnections evolved from a small company to an all-inclusive IT Service & Support specialist that provides everything from business phones and cloud solutions, to hardware and network security. They’re always available if we have any questions or need for them to troubleshoot an IT issue. And I know because I’m the point of contact here for our IT needs.”

Can You Tell Us About A Specific IT Issue You’ve Had?

“Eight years ago I was on maternity leave when our server went down. Because I was the liaison between our practice and NTConnections this certainly wasn’t the best time for our server to go down. But it was our fault and not NTConnections’. Scott tried to warn us months before that our server needed to be replaced. However, we thought we could get a bit more usage out of it. We were wrong! Thankfully, Scott purchased the server we needed and set it up for us quickly so we wouldn’t experience a lengthy downtime. When I came back from maternity leave, our IT system was running beautifully thanks to Scott and NTConnections!”

Do You Now Pay Close Attention To What NTConnections Advises?

“Absolutely! Our physicians make these decisions, and after that incident, they were convinced that Scott and his team would never try to sell us anything we don’t need. This includes hardware, software and IT services.”

How Else Does NTConnections Ensure You Always Have Access To The Technology You Need?

“Scott or a team member comes in regularly and performs a complete inventory of our hardware and software. They:

  • Determine if solutions need to be upgraded or switched out.
  • Review all of our certificates and licenses to make sure they are up-to-date.
  • Compare the cost of doing this to the manpower and productivity we’ll lose if we don’t.
  • Ensure we always get the return on investment (ROI) we require.”

What Are Some Of The Day-To-Day Responsibilities NTConnections Handles For CSV?

“They do everything we need regarding technology so we can focus on our own responsibilities (our patients)! They handle all of our IT needs, prevent viruses from entering our network, solve printing issues, ensure our Electronic Health Records (EHRs) remain private and only accessible to authorized staff, and so much more. They even helped us put our EHR application on our mobile phones so we can access them when we work offsite.”

Security Is Important When It Comes To Patient Privacy Isn’t It?

“Definitely! And we know that NTConnections has built-in security layers and authentication solutions to ensure this privacy. They remotely monitor and maintain our systems to ensure security. If they notice anything is irregular they can take care of it right away.

Scott and his team come into the office every other week as well. Or, they’ll pop in if there’s an issue to resolve that can’t be handled remotely. They make sure:

  • Our server is always up and running,
  • IT Security is intact, and data breaches are prevented,
  • Diagnose and remediate slow-running computers,
  • Handle all of our hardware and software procurement needs, and
  • Much more.”

Would You Recommend NTConnections To Other Cardiology Practices And Businesses?

“Absolutely, and I do. Their team is delightful to work with. They make sure we understand everything they do for us. Some of our employees don’t like to work on computers, but Scott and the team help them find simple ways to complete tasks. ”

If a busy cardiology practice puts the “life’s blood of their business” in the hands of NTConnections, (their IT) don’t you think you can too?

For a complimentary, IT consult for your healthcare practice or business in the DC Area, contact the team at NTConnections.