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Need A “Super Responsive” IT Team?

Construction IT Services Washington DCMichael Packer, their Finance and Human Resources Assistant explains in this interview.

Michael, can you tell us about LDC?

“Since 1985, Land Design Consultants (LDC) has been partnering with commercial, residential, and government clients to deliver top-quality land development solutions that exceed our clients’ highest expectations…

When we needed an IT Advisor and Services Company, we looked for the same. That’s why we chose NTConnections.”

Has NTConnections been serving LDC long?

“They’ve been our IT Service Company for many years. Scott Ostergard and his team came highly recommended, and they’ve lived up to, and even surpassed, their reputation.

We feel very comfortable with the staff at NTConnections. And based on their service, we have complete faith and trust in their capabilities.”

How has NTConnections helped LDC over the years?

“They offered all, inclusive Managed IT Services, and this stood out from what others could provide. They handle all of our technology needs including our:

  • Business Phones,
  • Data Management and Retrieval,
  • General IT Issues and Troubleshooting,
  • Process Improvement,
  • Software Advice,
  • Compliance Advice and Support,
  • Help with Cloud Computing,
  • Guidance for the Microsoft Suite products we use, and
  • Consulting for Best Practices in our industry.

The team at NTConnections also custom tailors their services and solutions to align with our strategic plans and budget. We never have surprise IT expenses because most everything they do is included in their Managed IT Service Plan for a monthly fee.”

Can you tell us how they resolve your day-to-day IT issues?

“Rather than just fixing a problem and leaving us to wonder what they did, they:

  • Delve deep into a problem,
  • Make sure the root cause of the problem is remediated,
  • Provide advice on how to prevent similar issues in the future, and
  • Always communicate thoroughly about what they did so we understand what happened.”

What about communication? Are they transparent about what they’re doing?

“They are totally transparent and communicate in plain language. If I call with a question, they explain it thoroughly, so I understand how things work. I never feel dumb asking them questions. They want us to be educated about our IT solutions. And their demeanor is friendly and personable, unlike other techs that I’ve worked with.”

How would you rate their team on responsiveness?

“Super Responsive! I can’t believe how responsive they are. For example, if we call with an issue, we need troubleshooting for, within just a minute or two they remote into our computers and fix the problem. It’s unbelievable how fast they are.”

Would you say NTConnections goes above and beyond for LDC?

“Absolutely. They offer much more than what they promise in their Service Level Agreement. Their culture and leadership are built on this. They really care about their clients and making sure their technology runs as it should…

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

We had just migrated to an on-premise software accounting system (Deltek). Then the power went out. When it came back on our server crashed! We lost our Deltek software and over a month’s worth of work (or so we thought).

NTConnections had the foresight to back up everything virtually, including the entire software program. We were able to work directly from NTConnection’s virtual server until they replicated everything to a new on-premise server.

There was no downtime, and we didn’t miss a beat. If they hadn’t done this, we would have lost over a month’s of work, and have been without the financial data, we needed to operate…

Later, they helped us migrate to an updated version of the software. When we tried to do this on our own, we ran into problems with the software vendor. NTConnections worked through all the issues for us and acted as a liaison until everything was migrated to the new version. They jump in and help with whatever we need, and it was all included as part of the monthly fee!”

Is there another example of excellent customer service that you can share about NTConnections?

They rolled out Ring Central a cloud-based business phone service for us.

What happened was that another IT company actually started the process but didn’t complete it to our satisfaction. Scott and the team came in, assessed what was required, and picked up where the other company left off.

NTConnections fixed what they did wrong and wrapped up the project for us without any issues.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add, Michael?

“Yes, I want to say that we completely trust NTConnections. They never pretend that they know something or have a solution that they don’t. They won’t take you around in circles making promises they can’t deliver on. Some tech companies will do this. NTConnections doesn’t over promise or under deliver…

If we need a service or solution they don’t offer, they’ll find a company that can provide what we need. And they won’t charge anything for doing this. We have faith and trust in them, and what they say they’ll do. This can be a rare commodity here in Northern Virginia.”

Michael suggest that you contact NTConnections. Just like LDC, you can count on us to provide what you need when you need it.

In the meantime, are you interested in learning more about what’s happening in the world of IT? The more you know, the better you’ll understand what the right technology and service can do for your business in the DC Metro Area.