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With so much talk about the Dropbox data breach, everyone is wondering whether it’s safe to use the site. The truth is that they did suffer a data breach where 68 million records were compromised. If you’ve had a Dropbox account for the past few years, there’s a good chance your account was breached.

What Does This Mean?

Dropbox encrypts the data on your computer in order to send it over the internet. They use the industry standard SSL/TLS with AES 128-bit encryption. Even if hackers steal your data, it is encrypted again for storage with AES 256-bit so they can’t read it.

And yet, hackers were able to access a number of Dropbox accounts. How? In cases where users were using the same passwords on several different accounts, hackers were able to reuse credentials they stole on a different account to gain access to many Dropbox accounts. The bottom line is that hackers did have access to the documents on thousands of Dropbox accounts.

Looking Deeper Into The Dropbox Breach

As people have looked into these issues more thoroughly, some other disturbing facts have come out that have caused even more distrust of the site.

One of the biggest was this: Dropbox’s CEO, Drew Houston, has confirmed that if any law enforcement agencies hit them with a subpoena to open up one of their customer’s files, they will comply. So Dropbox is definitely not a safe place to store documents if you’re involved in any type of illegitimate business.

Dropbox does have the ability to decrypt all your files and they can view them anytime they want. Despite all their security, there are a number of Dropbox employees who could unlock and view even secret files.

Another security expert points out that they store all encryption keys for their users, so if a hacker were to breach that system, they would have access to some extremely valuable information. Though the likelihood of this happening is small, it’s still possible.

DropBox Is No Longer Safe According To The Bar

If you run a law firm, you should not use Dropbox for any type of important cloud storage. The Bar Association has said that it is no longer safe for storing or sharing legal documents. Since Dropbox has stated in no uncertain terms, that they will open up any files if asked to do so by law enforcement using a subpoena, there’s no way to ensure the security of a client’s sensitive documents. In fact, the Bar has made it clear that attorneys should stop using all free cloud storage apps.

Find a Safer Storage Place for Sensitive Docs

It turns out that there are some pretty secure cloud storage apps for the legal world. They will charge you something each month for their services. But they do ensure better safety and security for all documents. Five of the best cloud storage apps for attorneys are listed below:

  • Sync.com – They allow file sharing and storage and versioning for up to 500GB of data. Prices start at $4.08 per month.
  • pCloud.com – They offer file syncing, sharing and folder sharing with 500GB of data for prices starting at $3.99 per month.
  • SpiderOak-They offer all the perks of other services with unlimited devices. They support iOS, Android, and Mac devices. Plans start at $4.99 a month.
  • Tresorit – They offer folder syncing, file sharing and other customary services but only allow 200GB of storage. The prices start at $10.42 per month, making it one of the most expensive options.
  • Egnyte – This service does offer free plans but if you want all the features and storage, those plans start at $8 per month. They have Enterprise storage solutions for companies with 100+ employees.

Dropbox Handled the Breach Well

Dropbox did handle their security breach much better than Experian and a few others. They contacted all those who were impacted and they forced all users to reset their passwords. They were very upfront about what happened and tried to handle things in a professional manner. They’re now recommending that users take advantage of the two-step verification feature on Dropbox.

With the ongoing number of cyber breaches occurring each week, all security experts are recommending two-step verification. So far, this has been the most secure method of doing business online. You create a strong, unique password, but each time you try to log-on, a verification email is sent to your cell phone. You can’t move forward logging in until you type in the verification code.

This has proven to be one method that works. Users must have their cell phone handy, but this prevents hackers from being able to simply crack your password and log into your account. A popular website where people can test their passwords to see how strong they are can help you decide if your passwords are too easy to figure out. In many cases, the average person’s password could be deciphered in a brute force attack within one minute—many could be cracked within 10 seconds.

In spite of all the big security recommendations, creating strong passwords is still an effective way to stay out of the crosshairs of hackers. For law firms, it’s best to stay with services that guarantee the safety of your documents. These providers understand the importance of security for law firms and they go the extra mile to ensure cyber safety.

We’ve just touched on the highlights here. There’s so much more to learn about cloud apps and cloud storage for law firms in the DC Metro Area. If you still have questions or need an expert to help find the right cloud storage solution contact NTConnections – serving the DC Metro Area.

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