Our Values

Many companies today experience growth spurts and these can be painful for your employees; especially for your IT department. As the IT Director, you are tasked with making sure all computer and networking equipment is properly maintained. You must ensure that your internet security and all those end-user support requests are fulfilled. Since your technology needs to run at peak performance in order to deliver the services your customers require each day, this can become a serious issue.

One solution is simply to hire more IT people, but this can get expensive. As the IT Director, you know how time-consuming it is as well. What about salaries, benefits, vacations, and such? You can spend a long time interviewing techs and still have no way of knowing whether they have the right education or experience for the job. People often exaggerate a bit on their resumes.

Another answer to this problem is a Co-Managed IT Solution. With co-managed IT support, you can get well-trained people who really know your systems and software, and understand how they operate.

A Co-Managed IT Solution from NT Connections can give your team the additional support they need to optimize IT performance and accomplish their tasks efficiently. It’s a solution that offers many benefits. For instance, you won’t have to pay for certifications, or over-pay someone just to keep them, which can be expensive.

If you are having difficulty keeping up with your workload, we can supplement your efforts. You can focus on higher-level duties while we fill in the gaps. This not only provides the time you need to manage what’s on your plate but can prevent errors due to being overworked.

Improved Workload Management

With co-managed IT, your key IT team members can focus on high priority projects, and strategic initiatives that improve your workflow and operations. Employees shouldn’t have to sit and wait on a tech guy to get around to common everyday issues that all businesses deal with. This hinders your team’s ability to get their jobs done each day and kills employee productivity. Your IT department looks bad when employees have to wait on the IT department to fix things like programs that shut down unexpectedly or blue screens.

What About Project Support?

Most IT Directors have a list of things they’d like to get done “when they get time” (which seems to never happen). With co-managed IT services, you can get everything on the list completed with no more delays. You may have records that need to be migrated to the cloud. You may need to add some new workstations. You may need to get a new cyber-security initiative off the ground. Now you can get these projects done and out of the way.

Security Support

Cyber security is a growing concern with all companies today. Just one data breach can cost over a million dollars, damage your reputation, and in a lot of cases, put you out of business! But with NT Connections on the job, you can take advantage of all the latest new security protocols. We can move your IT to a managed, enterprise-level security platform with next-generation firewalls, intrusion detection, data leak prevention, encryption, two-factor authentication, dark web monitoring, single sign-on solutions, and much more. We’ll come out and hold regular employee awareness training seminars to teach everyone how to spot and avoid phishing attacks.

Strategic Planning

As a company grows, the IT department should be staying on top of emerging technologies. Planning for the future is all part of the job at NT Connections. We use statistical information from your network and systems to provide you with actionable advice on upgrading outdated, slow or failing equipment and software, or developing better operational efficiencies. When you have a partner with so much experience in the field of Information Technology, it’s much easier to implement the latest technology on the market.

Predictable Budgeting Makes This An Easy Sell

With a customized Co-Managed IT Plan, you won’t have to worry about large surprise invoices. Plus, you’ll benefit from proactive IT services for things like maintenance, monitoring, and help desk services. If your needs change along the way, we can update your plan. Our goal is to make sure you have the Co-Managed IT Services you need at a price that fits the company’s budget.

If you’re ready to learn more about how our Co-Managed Solution can support your IT department and elevate your business to the next level, please contact NT Connections. We’re a five-star rated IT Service & Support Team that’s been serving organizations in Metro DC, Virginia and Maryland since 2003. Contact us, and you’ll see why so many businesses in the DC Area rely on us every day for their technology needs.