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EDR Tools

EDR Tools

why need EDR software

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) software is a type of security software that provides real-time monitoring and response capabilities for endpoints, such as computers and mobile devices. It is designed to detect and respond to malicious activity on a network, including advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks, and insider threats. EDR software can detect malicious activity, alert security teams, and take automated actions to stop the attack. It can also provide visibility into user and system activity, allowing security teams to quickly identify and respond to suspicious activity.

Top EDR tools and definition

  • Nmap
  • Wireshark
  • Snort
  • Metasploitli>
  • Nessus
  • Aircrack-ng
  • John the Ripper
  • Splunk


A free and open source network security scanner used to discover hosts and services on a computer network.


A free and open source network protocol analyzer used to capture and analyze network traffic.


An open source intrusion detection and prevention system used to detect malicious activity on networks.


An open source framework used to develop, test, and execute exploits against a target system.


A vulnerability scanner used to identify potential security vulnerabilities in a network.


A suite of tools used to crack wireless networks.

    John the Ripper

A password cracking tool used to recover lost or forgotten passwords.


An open-source host-based intrusion detection system is used to detect malicious activity on a system.


A software platform used to search, analyze, and visualize machine-generated data.

Xcitium EDR Software

Xcitium EDR software is a security solution that helps organizations detect and respond to cyber threats. It uses advanced analytics and machine learning to identify malicious activity on networks and endpoints. The software provides real-time visibility into threats, allowing organizations to quickly respond and mitigate the risk of a breach. Xcitium EDR also provides detailed reports and analytics to help organizations better understand their security posture and identify areas of improvement. Additionally, the software can be integrated with other security solutions, such as firewalls, to provide a comprehensive security solution.