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Why Did a Local NOVA Dental Office Choose to Hire NTConnections for IT Consulting and IT Support?

It wasn’t very long ago…maybe a month…an email arrived in my inbox. The subject line said, “Do you have experience with dental IT support?”

In the rest of the email, a guy named Will Brockston talked about a three-person practice in Northern Virginia that was struggling with their technology. Their problem? They had invested in the very best and latest hardware and software, but couldn’t seem to find anyone that understood the intersection between dental office workflow and IT functionality. They had tried a few IT support providers, but each had failed in some respect to providing the tailored IT services that Will and his practice partners were wanting to see.

After asking around a little, Will was directed by a larger dental practice that we already support to give us a try.

Of course, dental office IT support is something that NTConnections has been involved in since our inception. So I was happy to pick up the phone, give Will a call, and set up a time to visit his practice.

What Questions Did Will’s NOVA Dental Office Have About Our Dental Office IT Support Services?

Once I and another NTConnections’ team member arrived at Will’s dental office, he and his partners took us into a small boardroom off of the main waiting room and began to ask some very pointed questions. It was obvious that they were cautious because they had been burned in the past.

Here are a few of the questions that they asked that day.

Question: “Besides the dental office that recommended NTConnections to us, do you support any other dental practices?”

Answer: Yes. Dental offices make up one of our main client segments, and we support anything from small one-man practices here in NOVA all the way up to multi-site dentistry clinics with dozens of staff members.

Question: “Do you work directly with the vendors of third-party hardware and software such as imaging and practice management systems?”

Answer: Yes. We provide full vendor management for all your technology. If something goes wrong with something that is under warranty with a vendor or you have an issue where the vendor must be contacted, we’ll take care of it.

Question: In your opinion, what makes dental IT support different than supporting, for example, a manufacturing firm the same size?

Answer: Three are two answers to this question. First, HIPAA compliance applies in dental practices and doesn’t in other commercial scenarios. Second, dental offices require all the data from diagnostics, imaging, and charting to flow into the practice management software. This requires a higher level of integration and automation that is needed in the majority of commercial situations of the same size.

Question: What services do you offer for a dental practice like ours?

Answer: Well, every situation is different, and we believe that IT services need to be tailored to the individual practice. This way, you’re not paying for more services than you need. Having said that, here is a list of our more popular dental IT support offerings.

  • Managed Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cybersecurity Management
  • Cloud Infrastructure

From these basic, broad-based IT support offerings we branch out to provide niche services for your specific requirements.

Question: What is your process like?

Answer: Our process is made up of eight elements.

  1. Investigation – Getting to know your daily workflow and current IT issues.
  2. Implementation – Checking to make sure that your IT assets were correctly implemented and reworking that implementation if needed.
  3. Troubleshooting – Taking care of your immediate IT issues and concerns.
  4. Configuration – Going into your systems and ensuring that they are set up for the best efficiency.
  5. Integration – Making sure that your systems “talk” to each other for better workflow.
  6. Automation – Eliminating unnecessary manual and repetitive tasks to free up time for more essential tasks.
  7. Ongoing Proactive Maintenance and Security – Keeping ahead of potential issues.
  8. Help-Desk Support – Answering questions and dealing with any problems.

Did Will’s Dental Practice Hire Us? – Yes!

NTConnections has many years experience in helping dental offices throughout NOVA who need expert computer networking, security solutions, and IT Management. If you’re looking for an experienced dental technology support team, we’d be happy to have that initial conversation with you.

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