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Cloud phone systems are becoming more and more popular with businesses of all sizes and in all industries. The flexibility and reliability of a cloud phone make it something you should consider for your business. From small businesses in Virginia that needs flexibility for growth, to corporations in DC that need enterprise solutions, cloud phone services provide the agility you need while saving you money on calls. If you are ready to talk to our team about cloud phone solutions, chat with us or call (703) 288-9767 today. We are proud to serve metro DC and the surrounding areas with professional cloud phone services and other tech solutions.

A cloud phone system will with over the internet to connect you to your customers, eliminating the need for most hardware and cables. With cloud phone services, you can use your system from anywhere, any time. The VoIP will give you the ability to operate more professionally, improves mobility and saves money.

Cost Savings of Cloud Phone Services

Startups that switch to cloud phone services can save as much as 90%, according to Tech.co. Most small businesses save around 40% on local calls and 90% on international ones. These savings are one of the biggest reasons so many companies are switching. You will end up paying less per minute with cloud VoIP than a traditional landline service no matter what your call volume is. At NTConnections, you can choose between cloud voice service plans that fit your business needs.

Increasing Agility and Flexibility

Your cloud phone system will allow you to work remotely without hassle. Big companies can integrate their remote employees into their overarching office business phone system without a problem. Small businesses can flex with the needs and growth of the company. Cloud phone solutions are more agile, allowing your business to use the phone no matter where you are physically located. You will be able to set up an IP phone, plug in a laptop or even use your smartphone to make calls through your cloud system. You can have a professional business phone that isn’t tethered to a desk or even a single city.

Your VoIP will allow your entire company to connect under the same phone service and be managed by a single administrator from anywhere. You can establish extension numbers to reach various employees under the same business phone number, no matter where they are located. You will have the ability to use call forwarding, voicemail and other phone options without being limited to the office building.

Mobile Integration

When you use cloud phone services, you get more than just the voice. You can integrate professional texting into your business with professional SMS. The setup for your cloud voice system will be fast and easy, allowing you to require fewer tools to access your customers and conduct your business. You can send and receive unlimited texts from your toll-free or professional number.

With VoIP, mobile integration becomes seamless. But, you also have options. You can use traditional-looking phones in the office and set up cell phones for remote work. With VoIP, you can find the ideal combination of phone solutions to fit your business needs best.

Reliability of Geographic Redundancy

You will have a lower amount of downtime or disruptions with a cloud phone system. When you are using a cloud-based service, you usually have geographic redundancy that adds stability to your process. Your service provider should have more than one server, decentralizing the storage and network. If something drastic happens in one city where your server is housed (like a power outage), chances are meager that anything drastic would simultaneously impact the backups housed in other locations. You want to maximize your capabilities without chancing disruptions.

Maintenance Service

You don’t have to pay to house or host your system in multiple locations. Using a hosted service means you will have the technical support and backups you need to stay up and to run. You don’t need to pay for maintenance or worry about mechanical malfunctions. Rather than have to worry about keeping your system in-house, an outsourced cloud phone solution is hassle-free and monitored by the tech professionals here. We are working for our clients to keep them up and running 24-7.

Ready-to-Help Support Team

Having tech problems can be frustrating and an expensive waste of your time. You can’t afford to lose business with lost connections or downtime. At NTConnections, we provide the IT support you need to help with any issues. We watch our clients’ systems and recommend any necessary changes to the technology to keep you working at full capacity. Any of your questions can be answered by our dedicated support team of knowledgeable professionals. If you have any trouble with the setup or connections, we can help you troubleshoot and get you back to work as quickly as possible. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about sneaky fees; we don’t charge extra to help our clients or answer your questions.

No Extra Hardware Costs

If you were integrating traditional business phone lines, you would need rerouters, wiring and phones that connected to the system. With NTConnections and VoIP, we help you incorporate a system that uses the hardware you already have. You won’t need any wires or phones you don’t want. This makes setup fast and the hardware costs are nonexistent.

Whether you are crunched on time or trying to watch your budget, the cloud-based phone system is an ideal solution for your company. Are you ready to learn more and get a quote for your business? Talk to us today about cloud phone services!