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When working with the right IT company in the DC Metro Area, there’s a clear, time-tested, methodical process that makes any transition process painless.  And there will be benefits to switching when done correctly —The transition process gives you the chance to correct all the past IT problems you experienced while giving you the opportunity to start receiving some great new benefits. Switching to the right IT service, with a time-tested transition process and team, makes all the difference.

Switching Doesn’t Have To Be Painful With The Right IT Provider

Making the decision to switch IT services is the hard part, but once you’ve made your decision to switch and transition to a new IT company, you and your staff will want to know what the transition will look like. What will be involved? Will there be any problems? Will you have to participate in any way? Etc… So let us explain the transition process to you.

How Do We Make The Transition Painless & Easy?

We start with…

Assembling Our Transition Team – Having the right team performing the transition is critical to our success. To start, we assign a dedicated Client Advocate to the team. The Client Advocate is responsible for scheduling activities, meetings and tasks.

The Client Advocate is the primary contact throughout the transition process. We also assign several engineering members to the team. Their role is to ensure that we seamlessly capture all the critical data from the network and cloud to effectively support the system.

Finally, we assign a Senior Engineer who documents our findings, develops our Client Portals, analyzes our audit results and presents the audit.

A Full Briefing For Your Leadership – This is a meeting with the president or CEO of your company to explain what the transition will look like.

Our team will install a transition agent on each user’s computer that works seamlessly in the background and won’t disrupt their workflow. This installation process can often be done without going from system to system. If it does require touching each system, the installation is done in just minutes.

A Full Briefing For Your Staff – Whenever possible, we like to brief your entire staff and explain what we’ll be doing, how long it will take, what we are monitoring, and how to get assistance. This on-site meeting typically lasts about 30 minutes, but we make our selves available for as long as needed.

It is also during this time that we deploy our transition agent to make sure your staff’s productivity isn’t disrupted. We also make sure that your staff knows we aren’t the same old IT company they hear about. We pride ourselves on a 9-second service response time for all calls and want to make sure they know how to get technical support when they need it.

The Onboarding For Transition

Here’s what the transition looks like…

We begin by installing a transition agent on all of your computers. This gives us the ability to perform scans and network probes to gather the information we need for the transition.

There won’t be any downtime with our transition.

We’ll work behind the scenes, and as long as we don’t have to replace any equipment, there won’t be any downtime. If your previous IT provider owned your hardware (such as your firewall), then we’ll have to replace this for you. We make every effort to keep your staff working while we transition you to your new service.

You won’t have to provide us with inventory lists and IP addresses.

But you say…”Won’t we need to do something? Won’t we have to give you a list of all of our computers, IP addresses, system inventory and software lists? etc…

No, we have that covered. With our transition agent, we’ll do an audit and gather this information automatically. The agent presents this information to us in the format we need for a smooth and seamless transition. Once collected our Senior Engineering Team will complete an analysis of the data and put together a full system analysis report for your executive team.

You’ll have a real-time reporting of your IT inventory.

Once we gather this information, it goes into our Data Collection System that you will have always have real-time access to. Now you’ll have an up-to-date reporting on all the hardware, inventory, and software on your network. With a simple click of a button, you’ll be able to see which computers in your office have the latest operating system, and solutions like Adobe and MS Office.

How do you get our system passwords?

As your network administrators you’ll inevitability have countless passwords; passwords you didn’t even know existed. For the most part, we’ll be able to determine these passwords by working with your previous IT provider. If you didn’t have an IT provider, we may ask for your assistance in gathering the passwords.

Our engineering team will gather all the URLs we need access to and they’ll work directly with your team to collect the associated passwords. If a password appears unrecoverable, don’t worry, we have the means to work directly with vendors to overcome these obstacles.

At this point, we’ll now have all the credentials we need for the transition: DNS, Website, VoIP and more that you probably don’t even know you have. We’ll document these passwords in a secure portal that you’ll have access to, so you will never have to worry again about where your passwords are.

We’ll work with your previous IT company and vendors.

We’ll contact each of your vendors in order to get all the passwords we need to move forward. Then we put this information into our documentation system where you’ll always have full access to them. You’ll know where all of your credentials are and what passwords you have. You’ll have all the information that you should have had before the transition.

Some ask… “Will the old IT company be able to get into our network?” Absolutely not. We carefully analyze the network and determine exactly how they are currently accessing your network and lock it down. If they placed a tool to remotely monitor your network, we immediately remove it from every computer. Plus, through our transition agent, we place enhanced security measures on each system to prevent any unauthorized access.

Some worry… “Is the old IT company going to be hostile about removing them, or are they going to be easy to work with?” The answer to this is that we get both. If the old IT company is hostile, we remove them discretely and don’t let them know that you’re transitioning to our service until everything has been put in place and we’re ready to block their access. Then we notify them that they’ve been replaced. Hopefully, they’ll work with us, but if not, you don’t have to worry. We’ll take care of everything.

How Long Does All Of This Take?

A complete audit is conducted, and we provide you with an IT Roadmap. All of this takes about two weeks to collect the information we need to manage your system. Armed with the knowledge of the network we begin “Normalizing” your systems and correcting the problems we uncovered during our on-boarding.

We start with a comprehensive Action List; a list of items that needs addressing. Working with you and your team, we prioritize the list, develop solutions and begin making corrections. By the end of the first 30-days, we typically have all network issues corrected and will begin enhancing your IT experience.

We’ll prepare an outline for your IT Goals.

From here we develop your Annual Roadmap and 3-Year Roadmap which we document with you. This becomes the Outline for what we’ll be doing and your collective IT Goals. With this Outline, we’ll all be on the same page working to accomplish your business goals with the right IT solutions and services.

You’ll always have “Instant Response” from our tech support.

With our business model, your team will always get an “Instant Response.” For the past 3 years, our team has maintained a 9-second response time by having your employees call us when they need assistance instead of emailing. This way your users will have easy access to tech support all the time.

To make accessing our support team simple and easy, we place an NTConnections Tech-Support sticky note on each system with our direct support number. In cases where we have access to the phone solution, and with your permission, our team will preprogram a speed dial button on the phones so your team is just a push of the button away from their support engineer.

We make it easy and fast for your users to get support. Plus, we’ll demo how this works on a large screen to show your employees how the call hits our system and how quickly we respond so they can see first-hand how critical response times are to us.

With NTConnections Switching Won’t Be Painful

When switching to NTConnections, you’ll have a transparent, time-tested, methodical process that makes the transition process painless. Plus, we provide you with all the information about your network through a single pane of glass.

You’ll have a complete real-time inventory of all your IT solutions, credentials and passwords, and you’ll know if your backups are working. You’ll have all the details that the previous company wasn’t offering. Keep watching this space for Part 2 of this series where we’ll tell you more.

Thinking about switching IT companies, but worried about the transition? We make it easy. Contact NTConnections in Reston, Virginia.

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