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Employment Status: Full Time

Salary Range: 65 - 85K

company description:

Network Engineer (Reston VA)
Employment Status: Full Time
Salary Range: 25-35K

Company/Position Description:
Entry Level Network Engineer needed – but if you are thinking this is just another job where you are going to work 9×5 doing mundane password resets or operating system upgrades your wrong. This isn’t a government contract where you get pigeon holed doing the same thing every day.

NTConnections Network Engineers are only limited to their desire to learn and their demonstrated abilities; a place where proven leadership is recognized and rewarded. Think you are ready to start learning firewalls, demonstrate it. Have an idea that will help NTConnections continue to be a leader in IT services present it. We are looking for talented, smart IT focused individuals that are ready to kick start their careers.

Think your ready, then submit your application here.

Within one year at NTConnections you will have the opportunity to expand beyond Entry Level engineering and work directly on servers configuring Active Directory, modifying GPO’s, VMware, HyperVisors, Citrix, cloud services, thin clients and more.

But let’s be clear, we expect you to be a professional with a clean background.  We expect you to be ready to work, a self-starter, self-motivated, professionals that understand our customers matter as much as our team. If you are looking to ease into the IT world and just “get by” move on, this isn’t the position for you. We only want applicants that are ready to command their careers in IT, ready to roll up their sleeves and take the IT world by storm

We also expect you to have a good understanding of computers. You should be able to perform basic PC troubleshooting, understand what IP addresses are and what they do, be able to build a computer and remove viruses. Our Senior Engineers will teach you the rest.

Now, start proving you are ready apply right now right here.