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Desktop Productivity | Delivering uptime for optimal work performance


Custom Solutions for Daily Reliability

Modern networks include a blend of complex technologies that often require an expert touch for optimal performance.

NTConnections tailors technology solutions and procedures to meet your specific needs and provide you with a highly reliable workstation environment.

Our methods go far beyond quick and simple computer fixes to include:

  • Productivity Tools and Processes – NTConnections employs a wide range of self-owned, self-managed technology tools that allow us to define and manage the processes that keep your desktop environment optimized.
  • Policies – We manage detailed, customized policies that support your business needs. At payroll time, we schedule updates to avoid unnecessary disruptions. If Sales and Accounting need customized service configurations to complete their jobs, NTConnections has it covered.
  • Administration – With the tools and policies in place, NTConnections performs pro-active Administration and support of your entire technology environment.
  • Security – We work with you to define and enforce security measures based on organization structure, need-to-know, access privilege levels and other requirements that meet the needs of your business.
  • Alerts – To ensure that the technology work environment remains stable and performing, the NTConnections team is alerted whenever performance metrics indicate that our attention is required.
  • Monitoring – To help keep workstation capacity levels and performance at their best, NTConnections proactively monitors every machine under our watch.


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