Our Values

So many things can compromise your data. Employees can accidentally delete it, criminals can steal it, and even a power outage from a bad storm can cause systems to crash and erase it. 

But you still need to keep working. Today, with the right data backup and recovery solution, you can. We can replicate both your data and applications in an enterprise-based security solution so you can recover and access your data from wherever, whenever.

To do this, we use technologies like virtualization where a cloud-based version of your files, applications, server, and desktop are housed in a secure data center. We conduct systematic replication tests to ensure your technology infrastructure can be recovered reliably. And, we perform all of this remotely without interruptions to your business operations.

Even if your office is closed due to a storm that shuts off the power (As you know, in some areas around DC, they can last for days.), your IT assets will be there for you from any internet-connected device. You can get back up and running where you left off.

Our Focus Is On Solutions To Keep Your Business Running

We’ll manage your backup and disaster recovery solution behind the scenes 24 x 7. In addition, we continually monitor your system for any errors or issues that could impede fast and complete recovery.

You’ll have the peace of mind that your IT investments are always secure and there when you need them. Your technology will continue to function seamlessly without impacting your productivity or processes.

We know that business continuity is more than being able to save and retrieve your files and data. It’s about keeping the revenue coming in. The IT professionals at NTConnections will be there to help you navigate whatever technology disaster you face.