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The concept of using managed services is simple: It ensures you receive the highest level of IT expertise along with 24 x 7 service so your staff can focus on their tasks without worrying about your technology.

However, the real question you should be asking is, “How Will Not Using IT Managed Services Hurt My Business?”

You may think you’ll be saving money by not paying a fee for managed services every month. You’re not. Instead, you’re gambling with your business and livelihood

Without managed services from a knowledgeable provider, your system is at risk of crashes, viruses, and downtime. You can’t be certain that it’s been properly updated and patched.

If you rely on break/fix IT services, it could take days before you’re up and running again. And don’t be surprised when you get a bill for hundreds of dollars more than you expected.

With all the IT viruses and hacking going on today, your computers could be infected at any time. All it takes is one employee clicking on a malicious link.

When this happens, the computer virus can infect all of your connected devices, shutting them down one by one. And if they’re infected with ransomware, your data could be held hostage costing hundreds of dollars for each computer that’s infected.

If your data is breached, and you operate under stringent regulatory guidelines, the costs mount. You can expect to pay expensive fines and possibly face litigation from your customers.

Now, who are you going to call? The break/fix company might get there tomorrow, but if you need help over a weekend, you’re out of luck. You’re left without your data, and your business grinds to a halt until a professional IT guy can get to you.

This scenario happens every day believe it or not. It’s the type of issue that can drive customers away and make them leave poor feedback for your company. Even worse, they could get angry and take their business to your competition. This has been a hard lesson for many small business owners to learn.

A properly designed and maintained IT system will not only boost your network security but your organizations’ productivity, efficiencies, and overall value.

The following are benefits you’ll gain from an NTConnections’ Customized Managed Technology Action Plan. 

Risk Reduction

When you use our managed services, we handle all the risks for you. No more worries about IT security, data breaches, or compliance issues. We’ll monitor your technology remotely 24 x 7 without interrupting your operations. Our RMM (remote monitoring solution) detects issues or intrusions and mitigates them before you and your employees know anything is wrong.

Predictable Budgeting

Although we customize our managed services for each of our clients, you can pick and choose from solutions that we’ll package as a plan. You can pay for these services on a monthly basis. If you decide to add or delete services, we’ll adjust your payment accordingly. They’ll be no surprise invoices. You’ll be able to predictably budget for what we provide.

Cost Control

The ultimate benefit of the IT managed services model is the ability to lower repair costs. Break/fix companies charge for every service and repair they perform. If they have to come back again and again, they can charge for each visit. Our managed services prevent expensive network repairs. And with our hybrid and private clouds, you can have a system that’s protected and accessible from anywhere 24 x 7– one that’s totally encrypted and secure. This ensures your staff is always productive and can work without worrying about IT downtime. When you consider this, our services pay for themselves.

Quick Response Times

Need help tonight? –Over the weekend? You’ll never be left alone with tech problems again when you partner with NTConnections. Our professionally staffed Help Desk is just a phone call or email away. We can solve many issues remotely, but we’ll be there onsite quickly if you need us.

Proactive Service

Our business model is based on the proactive approach. We focus on preventing IT problems before they happen. This is what works best for you, the customer, and for us. The results are amazing! You can count on better performance from your network, near zero downtime, and fewer IT interruptions. If we detect problems early, we can prevent expensive repairs down the road. That’s our job and we take it seriously.

Access To Innovative Solutions That Are Aligned With Your Goals

If you want your company to thrive and gain an edge over the competition, you must use the latest technology. We provide cost-saving and business-building solutions like Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare. But, we only suggest exactly what you need. And, we’ll align your technology with your business needs to ensure smooth and consistent growth through the use of cost-effective technologies.

Compete With “The Big Guys”

With the right cloud solutions, you can enjoy the benefits that once only large enterprises could afford. Real-time Collaboration, Software as a Service, and Anywhere Access are just a few of the advantages. With our hosted cloud solutions, you’ll have the ability to scale up or down with the services you use.

Vendor Management and Technology Procurement

We’ll liaison with all of your software and hardware vendors so you don’t have to deal with complicated and technical conversations. Part of our job is to ensure you get the best price possible on all of your IT solutions.

NTConnections will develop a Customized Managed Technology Action Plan that provides value to your business and helps you grow to levels beyond your expectations.

For an assessment of your technology needs, call our experts at (703) 288-9767 or complete our contact form at https://www.ntconnections.net/contact-us