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Important Data Security Tips When Migrating to the Cloud

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Security concerns have always been at the top of the list of reasons why companies avoid using the cloud. Though 91% of all companies now have cloud-based systems,more awareness and education are needed about the limitations of cloud security.Preventing data breaches is a shared responsibility.The many devastating data leaks that make the news are rarely if ever,the fault of the cloud. Organizations leave their data vulnerable to cyberattacks with inadequate on-premise security measures.

Tips on Securing Data When Migrating to the Cloud

Know Who is Responsible for Various Aspects of Security
When leveraging a remote data center, it is essential to understand what the cloud does and what your organization is responsible for about network and data security. Deployment of software free of susceptibilities, patching operating systems, network access control, and firewalls are not usually the responsibility of the cloud providers but, instead, the cloud provider’s clients.

Data Owners Are Responsible for Data Access
Cloud providers are not the ones with a duty to put proper access controls in place. Data is at risk unless an organization is careful about utilizing multifactor authentication for remote users and good password practices.

Ensure that Data is Encrypted
Hackers are tenacious, and encryption is proven to be an effective form of protection against cyber-attacks. Despite this, encryption is seriously underutilized. Cloud encryption services can be expensive, but businesses sometimes encrypt their own data on-site before moving it to the cloud. Find out how data encryption is handled by your cloud provider.

Get a Comprehensive Security Assessment
Oftentimes, an organization is unaware of their level of data security until it’s too late and they’ve already suffered a devasting cyber-attack. Find out how secure your data is on-premises and in the cloud by scheduling a comprehensive security assessment. This allows you to find out how vulnerable you are before a hacker succeeds in pulling off a data breach.

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