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Business Data Backup Herndon

Business Data Backup Herndon

Business Data Backup Herndon – Best Solutions

Are you struggling to select a provider that can guarantee the safety and recoverability of sensitive corporate data? Don’t fuss, because experts at NTConnections have got you covered. There are various reasons to backup your files and software in the earliest stages of your business. Today, we shall talk about the importance of cloud backup solutions for small business and medium-sized companies in Virginia, as well as other parts of the US. Also, stay tuned for NTConnection’s list of best providers of Business Data Backup in Herndon as of 2022.

Why backup is essential for SMBs

Many companies underestimate the importance of backing up their corporate files. According to statistics, almost half of the IT infrastructures implement data recovery solutions. This means that a substantial percentage of US-based organizations don’t have any fail-safe mechanisms in case their data gets corrupted.

As an IT company and managed services provider, NTConnections can state that this kind of attitude is reckless for companies in 2022. Why exactly do we think it’s so important to backup your data?

Adequate and reliable protection of your files is essential for every type of business. That also concerns small companies that operate on the Internet or use cloud services.

By implementing proper backup solutions, you can get the following benefits:

Companies enhance their business continuity. An average business downtime due to hacker attacks reached 16.2 days in Q4 of 2019. Do you know how much it can cost your business? According to research, an hour of unplanned downtime costs from $8,000 to $700,000 based on the company’s size and type of business.

SMBs are less likely to go out of business. According to statistics, around 60% of companies close after a major data loss incident, while 9 out of 10 file for bankruptcy if they lose access to their corporate files for over ten days.

Fast file recovery. As we just mentioned, uptime is essential for companies in America. With innovative and reliable business backup solutions, Herndon-based companies can respond to incidents in a timely fashion. For example, NTConnections provides scalable and cost-effective cloud backup solutions for small and medium businesses that are looking to maximize their uptime.

Strategic information management. Best business data backup providers allow organizations in Herndon all-in-one solutions. With NTConnections, you can manage files in the cloud from numerous desktops and mobile devices, as well as recover lost files in a most time-effective way.

Top Providers to choose Business Data Backup Herndon (VA)

Some companies look for cheap services. Then some strive for reliability and effectiveness. If you represent the first category, then our list is not for you. However, if you want to get proper business data backup in Herndon – continue reading.

1. Carbonite

Not the most expensive provider for Herndon-based businesses but certainly not the cheapest. Carbonite backup solutions perfectly fit smaller companies and startups that look for a secure backup and restoration process. It also offers a good desktop and web client, as well as strong encryption. Additionally, Carbonite’s customer service has won myriads of awards, meaning it’s an extremely customer-friendly company.

2. Backblaze

Backblaze is a fine provider for companies that want an automated and reliable backup. It provides a streamlined and easily installable service, as well as unlimited storage. On the downside, it doesn’t have private sharing features and proper file explorer. Backblaze services can get expensive, given that you can purchase a license only for a single computer at a time. That’s why it’s better suited for smaller companies that don’t demand many backup control options.

3. NTConnections

Managed services provider that focused on SMBs in Washington and Virginia. NTConnections specialize in delivering custom-tailored solutions that suit their client’s technological infrastructure and business goals. Aside from business data backup, NTConnections supplies organizations in Herndon with IT consultancy, cyber protection, and virtualization (cloud) solutions.

4. CrashPlan

Another well-priced answer for firms that want continuous and dependable disaster recovery measures. CrashPlan lacks support for other third-party business apps and cloud services. However, it offers a user-intuitive interface and unlimited backup storage.

Final thoughts

It’s pointless to argue that disaster recovery measures are essential for organizations of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. As we mentioned, having a reliable backup solution at hand can even save your company from potential bankruptcy.

NTConnections has been empowering SMBs all over Virginia and Washington with targeted services since 2003. If you’re willing to get a reliable provider for business data Backup in Herndon, you can contact us here. We look forward to helping you out and empowering your company!

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