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Managed IT Herndon

Managed IT Services Herndon, VA

Managed IT Herndon – When you think of managed services, think of ‘outsourcing’. Handing over internal business processes to third parties. It is a practice intended to cut costs and deliver specialized expertise.

Business processes frequently contracted to third parties include call-center support, payroll processing/accounting, manufacturing, and more recently managed IT support. For companies in Virginia, many managed IT Herndon VA companies provide excellent IT support.

Why have managed IT services proliferated? Companies never used to rely heavily on computers. They took a ‘wait till its broke approach’ to their IT infrastructure. Only when everything breaks do you call the IT guy.

That changed as soon as companies began to understand how deeply embedded these systems were in their day-to-day operations. How badly the resulting downtimes damaged the companies’ bottom lines. Try an average of $5600 every minute. Stings.

But still, that doesn’t make it feasible for every business to have in-house IT experts. And this is where managed IT Herndon services come in.

Who needs Managed IT Herndon, VA Services?

Small and medium-sized businesses. It works best for these types of companies. Because once you get to a size of say 500 employees, then you should strongly consider having in-house IT expertise.

A decent IT department has systems administrators, IT project managers, network admins, and chief information officers. This adds up quickly for smaller operations. It isn’t feasible.

Managed IT Herndon service providers are all these roles in one. Essentially, a managed service provider is an IT department for hire.

Types of Managed IT Herndon, VA Services

A great managed IT Herndon service provider is an asset to your company that adds to the bottom line. Services offered by managed service companies range from low tier to high level.

Low-level managed service providers remain minimally involved in a business’s operations. They monitor systems and integrate new software. High-level managed service provider companies bring the full suite of managed service provider tools, sometimes even the infrastructure itself.

The level of service is outlined in a service-level agreement (SLA). Below is a list of managed IT Herndon VA services you can expect:

1. Managed security services

The cyber security market was worth $176.5 billion in 2020. Brand Pith research further states that the market will have a compound yearly growth rate (CAGR) of 12.5% making it worth $40 billion by 2027. IBM noted that the US is the worst-hit cyber security-wise, with the average attack causing $8.6 million in losses.

Managed services providers are an effective measure against these attacks. Businesses seeking to improve their security can have managed IT Herndon companies provide the following solutions:

  • Anti-malware – guards against loss of data belonging to organizations and customers.
  • Maintenance and security upgrades – ensuring software is up to date in a sea of ever-evolving IT products. Old software that is not up to the current certification standards leaves you open to new sophisticated hacker and virus attacks.
  • Anti-phishing – 88% of companies worldwide experienced spear-phishing attacks in 2019. Managed service providers equip you with anti-phishing tools to combat this.

2. Managed Cloud Infrastructure services

As per the client’s needs, managed IT Herndon service providers offer cloud computing solutions that include storage, operating systems, and network management. Small to medium-sized businesses gain the flexibility to focus more on the main operation. Rather than getting tangled in the nitty-gritty of support operations.

3. Managed Software-as-a-service (Saas)

Managed IT Herndon service providers offer on-demand software hosted in the cloud and licensed to subscribed organizations.

4. Managed support services

Based on the service-level agreement (SLA), a firm’s staff have access to a help desk/remote support to help raise issues for speedy resolution by managed IT Herndon service providers.

These could be hiccups with programs, systems, or protocol issues. They can also be in place to offer in-person expert help.

5. Managed communication services

Data, Voice, and Video. Managed IT Herndon service providers to make these communication options available to firms in a well-integrated package. Staff can send data to devices in different locations while video conferencing and voice calls are available instantly without incurring huge costs.

Print management

Printer support, upgrades, and repair services decrease long-term running costs. Managed service providers moreover produce printer usage reports guiding firms on the sustainable use of printer resources assets.

Managed data analytics

Managed service companies handle a lot of your data. Data mining for business insights can reveal patterns for optimizing your operations.


For businesses seeking better security, increased savings, bleeding-edge technology solutions, and General IT support, managed IT Herndon service providers offer all these and more.

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