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Every company relies on IT infrastructure, regardless of its size. However, not every organization can afford to employ a full-time IT department. That’s why the majority of businesses can benefit from outsourcing Managed IT Services Virginia.

NTConnections provides Managed IT Services Virginia for over 17 years. We can tell you how outsourcing MSPs can benefit small and medium-sized businesses.

To help you further, we want to introduce you to some of the most reputable providers of managed IT services in Virginia. Let’s get to it!

What are managed IT services? – definition and examples

Information Technology (IT) is a system that involves the usage and management of computing networks. It includes the exploitation of hardware, software, and the Internet.

What are managed IT services providers? This term refers to companies that provide other organizations with tech solutions and computing services. Not every company needs full-time IT support specialists and programmers. Some organizations hire providers that address all of their technical needs.

There are plenty of managed IT services Virginia-based MSPs offer to individuals and organizations. Let’s go through the most popular types of managed IT services.

  1. Full-time managed services. It’s when a company hires a provider for long-term collaboration. For example, NTConnections can become your IT partner and effectively address all of your technological needs, which can include cybersecurity, data backup, and software optimization.
  2. On-demand IT support. It’s a solution for companies that don’t rely on technology for their daily operations. It’s ideal for businesses that don’t want a crew of full-time engineers and rarely need actual IT support.
  3. Cloud computing. Currently, it’s one of the most sought-after services for any business. As researchers tell us, even small businesses can reduce workload by 42% by incorporating proper cloud solutions.
  4. Network infrastructure and security. Managed IT services in Virginia can help your organization effectively handle all aspects of your computing system. Some providers can migrate your whole infrastructure to the Cloud. Companies must also take cybersecurity very seriously, seeing as 20% of all malware and ransomware attacks target tinier businesses and startups.
  5. Business data backup. Hackers, hard drive failures, and human error. All these things often lead to file corruption. Every organization should safeguard its information and software to boost business continuity. We should note that managed IT services in Virginia, like NTConnections, offer reliable disaster recovery measures and cloud backup solutions.

Benefits of outsourcing Managed IT Services Virginia

The value of the managed services market peaked at $186 billion by the end of 2019. And the market share keeps growing every year. Forecasters are predicting that it can grow up to $356 billion by 2025. What is the reason for the popularity of managed IT services in Virginia and all over America?

Let’s look at the advantages that businesses can get by outsourcing a managed services company:

  • Cost-effectiveness. It’s much cheaper to hire qualified engineers only when you need their help instead of wasting resources and money on a full-time IT department.
  • Access to a pool of vetted engineers. Managed IT services in Virginia have teams of experts that can address all of your technical needs.
  • Logistical planning. A reliable IT vendor can provide you with a detailed technological roadmap. Experts at NTConnections are following all new tech trends and innovative practices. Thus, we can look ahead and make sure that your business always has the most advanced and secure IT infrastructure.

Top 3 providers of Managed IT Services Virginia

Looking for the most reliable local MSP for your business? Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best IT support and managed services vendors Virginia can offer to SMBs.

1. American Technology Services

American Technology Services (ATS) provides excellent services and IT support for SMBs in Virginia. Want to have a detailed tech roadmap and up-to-date software solutions? Then, ATS is the provider for you.

2. NTConnections

Founded in 2003, NTConnections is a reputable IT consultancy firm and provider of managed IT services in Virginia. It offers an all-in-one package of tech solutions for SMBs that want to empower their IT infrastructure and maximize uptime.

3. Dataprise

With a gigantic pool of engineers and an unparalleled track record, Dataprise deserves to be called one of the leading Managed IT Services in Virginia. It’s also a very scalable company that can supply you with more resources as your business grows.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right MSP can save you costs and improve business continuity. That’s why you should be meticulous when deciding on a provider of Managed IT Services Virginia

Want to enhance your technological infrastructure or implement innovative cloud computing solutions? Maybe you need an IT consultancy? In any case, NTConnections is happy to help your business. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in our expertise.

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