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Moving your IT infrastructure to the Cloud can increase your organization’s productivity, efficiency, mobility, and security. And, it can save you both money and time. However, migrating your infrastructure to the Cloud yourself, and trying to decide which solutions work best for your business can be tricky. No worries – the Cloud Experts at NTConnections are here to help.

With NTConnections’ virtualization solutions, we can set up, manage, and support your organization’s computing infrastructure in the Cloud.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides the access you need to applications, data, and storage instead of relying on local servers or computer devices. Your small business can now use enterprise-sized resources that previously only a large business could afford. It also provides safe and secure offsite storage for your mission-critical data that you and your staff can access from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Migrating your IT infrastructure to the Cloud can boost your productivity, security and, ultimately your profitability. It will reduce downtime due to IT network issues or hardware failures, and you can more quickly respond to your customers’ needs.

Cloud computing offers a wide variety of opportunities to increase your revenue. You can adjust the resources you use with no long-term commitment and pay for only what you use.  This reduces the cost of running your IT infrastructure.

It improves accessibility and collaboration so your staff can complete projects more easily and on time. Your authorized users will have access to your technology at any time and from anywhere in the world. And, they can take advantage of cloud-based applications that provide real-time collaborative capabilities.

Using the Cloud also reduces your capital expenditures:

  • You’ll no longer need to spend money on expensive hardware, software, and licensing fees.
  • Staff training is minimal if necessary at all.
  • Your payroll expenses will decrease because you won’t need as many employees -More work can be done with fewer people.

NT Connections offers a variety of Cloud Solutions including:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • Hosted Server
  • Hosted Desktop
  • Hardware Virtualization
  • Cloud Backup & File Sharing
  • Dropbox Cloud Storage
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud Hosted VoIP Business Phones

This is only the beginning of cloud computing technology, and new ideas are continually being brought to market. Cloud computing has rapidly become a valuable and even necessary option for businesses today.

Let the experts at NTConnections take you to the Cloud.