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Best VoIP Service Fairfax

Best VoIP Service Fairfax

Choosing Best VoIP Service Fairfax for Business

Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the most common telecommunication systems for small and medium sized businesses all over the US. VoIP is not only popular among businesses. Analysts predict that by 2021 there will be over 3 billion VoIP users. You might wonder what sets this type of communication apart from regular phone services? It’s simple: VoIP services are cheaper, have more functionality, and provide a better quality of communications overall for home users and enterprises alike. Do you want to know how to identify the best VoIP service in Fairfax, Virginia? NTConnections have created a list of things to look out in VoIP providers. So, stick with us to learn how to find the best VoIP vendor for your business.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol launched as a way to cut unnecessary expenses associated with phone services. Up until 1995, there was no alternative for large, small, and medium sized businesses other than standard phone lines. As technology advanced, VoIP became more and more widespread. Finally, 2004 marks a new era in VoIP history as it became available to the masses.

VoIP is a type of IP telephony that uses the Internet or Local Area Networks for communications. It allows multiple users to make audio and video calls, send texts, create voicemail, as well as to conduct conferences. What also sets it apart from regular phone providers is a reasonable payment rate. With the arrival of VoIP service providers, SMBs were able to cut up to 40% expenses associated with local calls, as well as to save over 90% on international calls.

Types of Best VoIP Service Fairfax

Virtual phone service technology has come a long way since the early 2000s. Now there are VoIP services that can meet the needs of all individuals and large organizations alike. These categories of services are:

  1. Residential. The best VoIP service for home use. Typically, cable and ISP firms supply you with Voice over Internet features as a part of a package with other services.
  2. Phone-based. A good solution for small companies and residential users. This service is usually supplied over converter boxes.
  3. Software-based. The most accessible category. It’s a desktop application or web-based program used to make phone calls and messages with a computer connected to the Internet.
  4. Mobile. Basically, it’s a subcategory of software-based VoIP services that you install on your iOS or Android devices. Examples of mobile VoIPs include Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and many other provider-based applications.
  5. Cloud (also known as IP PBX). Some VoIP service providers host their own cloud infrastructures for telecommunication. You just pay for the phone services, while the provider does all the maintenance and troubleshooting.
  6. Business-oriented. Business VoIP providers offer custom-tailored services for medium sized firms and huge companies with a large number of employees. For example, NTConnection specializes on providing best VoIP services for SMBs in Fairfax. That way, a substantial group of people from the same organization can share traffic under one account, which greatly reduced local and long-distance toll charges.

Guide on How to Choose the Best VoIP Service Fairfax

This is the point where you must identify what do you need from a VoIP service provider. Some of the factors you should take into consideration are:


Some of the basic types of Voice over Internet Protocol services lack common functionality, like the ability to call “911” or “411” services or leave a voicemail. Check your provider’s site to find out what you’re getting. At the same time, NTConnections provides it’s clients in Fairfax and all over Virginia with the most feature-rick VoIP services.

Monthly payment rate

Vendors usually charge a monthly fee. However, you can use something like Viber or WhatsApp, which comes free of charge. Albeit, services like these lack popular functions and are poorly suited for businesses.

International call rates

If you’re from a company that has a lot of clients from over the ocean, you must pay close attention to what Voice over IP provider charges for offshore calls. Be aware that rates for each foreign country can be different.

How it suits your infrastructure

Bear in mind that not every VoIP provider can work well in your network environment. Therefore, before choosing your vendor, you must make sure that your IP PBX software and other elements are compatible.

How to make sure that your company’s infrastructure will work with Voice over Internet Protocol provider’s software and equipment? NTConnections have an answer to that!

Make use of NTConnections IT Consultancy and VoIP services

NTConnections is a Network Support and Managed Services IT company that focuses on small and medium businesses in Virginia. We provide top-grade IT consultancy services and supply companies with value-based technologies since 2003. After an interview with our experts and analysis, we are going to find out what kind of VoIP is going to suit your organization most and deliver the best possible solution.

If you’re interested in implementing the best VoIP service in Fairfax for your business, NTConnections will be happy to assist you.

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