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Best VoIP Service Tysons Corner

Best Voip Service Tysons Corner

Best VoIP Service Tysons Corner

The average employee in the US spends over 400 minutes on business calls monthly. And what about organizations that have numerous clients from overseas? The answer’s simple: companies like that can spend vast amounts of money on phone bills. However, there is a way out called VoIP. Are you also tired of spending too much money on telecommunications? NTConnections may have a solution for you! So, stick with us if you want to learn about the benefits of IP telephony and how to find out about the best VoIP service in Tysons Corner for your business.

Best VoIP Service Tysons Corner: Definition and How it Works?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a more cost-effective way of making audio and video calls for businesses and individuals all over the world. With VoIP telephony, data is transmitted not through standard phone lines but via the Internet or Local Area Network.

Using digital signals instead of analog leads to a much better quality of communication. At the same time, the Internet makes these services significantly cheaper compared to standard phones. Let’s talk about the best benefits of VoIP services in Tysons Corner in more detail.

Advantages of VoIP Service Tysons Corner

The number of large, small, and medium-sized businesses that keep opting for VoIP services instead of regular phone lines keeps increasing every year. By the end of 2019, there were over 1500 companies in the US that were using IP telephony, while about 90% of leading IT firms are predicted to cease purchasing on-premise communications altogether by 2022.

The most significant reasons for the popularity of Voice over Internet Protocol services among organizations are:

  • Affordability. It’s much cheaper to use the Internet for telecommunications. Based on statistics, companies in the US save up to 40% on local, and over 90% on international calls with VoIP services.
  • Flexibility. VoIP is as easily accessible as regular phone services. It also comes in a variety of forms. VoIP providers like NTConnectons offer desktop and mobile applications of their services so your employees can talk to clients even when away from the office.
  • Feature-rich. Many VoIP functions can be extremely beneficial to SMBs in Virginia and all over the US. Some of the services offered by vendors in Tysons Corner include call-forwarding, video and audio conferencing, call recording, auto-receptionist, as well as general services like “911” or “411.”
  • Installation. Not every IP telephony system can be compatible with your organization’s IT environment. However, the best vendors like we at NTConnections can assess your company’s infrastructure to deliver the most suitable VoIP service.

Best types of VoIP Service Tysons Corner for business

Nowadays, there are multiple categories of VoIP services for individuals and huge enterprises alike. In this article, we what to focus on those types of IP telephony that are better suited for SMBs.

1. Phone system (ATA)

This type of service works via the analog telephone adapter, also known as ATA. It connects directly to stationary phones and converts analog signals into digital ones.

What makes ATA adapters great is the fact that they don’t make companies entirely dependent on the Internet connection. In case you lose access to the Web, employees can still use regular phone services, which prevents your business from having any downtime.

2. Software-based

Nowadays, about 74% of employees use mobile VoIP apps for business calls. That’s why the best VoIP services in Tysons Corner offer software versions of their services for desktop and mobile devices. It’s a more flexible and innovative approach to business communications, which makes work possible from any place with an Internet connection.

3. Cloud VoIP

Cloud VoIP, also known as IP PBX, is provided through a cloud infrastructure that’s maintained by a VoIP provider. It’s the most scalable type of service in which companies don’t have to invest in new hardware when their business grows. NTConnections specializes in providing cloud-based solutions for SMBs in Tysons Corner and all over Virginia. If you want scalability and reliability in your VoIP services, NTConnections is there to assist you with our custom-tailored approach.

Getting the Best VoIP Service Tysons Corner

What makes the Voice over Internet Protocol service best? At NTConnections, we believe that the best VoIP is the one that’s most suited for your company’s needs. So, before choosing the VoIP provider, you should check if their hardware is compatible with your IT infrastructure, that the payment rates are fitting, and that provided features are beneficial to your business.

Since 2013, NTConnections have been providing SMBs in Virginia and Washington with custom-tailored IT solutions, including IP telecommunications. We make it our goal to understand our client’s companies and provide them with the most innovative technological solutions to empower their businesses.

If you’re looking to find the best VoIP service in Tysons Corner in 2020, you should look no further! Feel free to contact us today, and we’ll be happy to implement our innovative solutions for your company!

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