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Business VoIP Service Virginia

Business VoIP Service Virginia

Top 3 Providers of Business VoIP Service Virginia

Are you a representative or an owner of a small or medium-sized business in Virginia? What is the fastest way to cut unnecessary expenses while boosting productivity? The answer is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP – for short). It’s a great technological solution that’s effective for organizations in the US, just as it is worldwide. Want to learn about the best vendors of Business VoIP Service in Virginia? Then, stick with us.

Why should you trust us? NTConnections provides reliable VoIP phone service solutions for SMBs in Virginia and Washington for over a decade. We have sufficient expertise, as well as an excellent track record of satisfied clients to vouch for us.

What is a business VoIP service? Why should Virginia-based companies switch to it from regular phones?
Who are the best local providers of internet telephony?

Keep reading to get a full picture of the best Business VoIP Services Virginia has to offer!

What is a Business VoIP Service?

Let’s make sure that we’re on the same page. VoIP (also known as Internet telephony) is a type of telecommunications that uses the World Wide Web to make phone calls.

This service offers a wider variety of features compared to standard telephones. Additionally, VoIP is also much cheaper because it doesn’t use regular phone lines for calling.

The benefits of Business VoIP Services for Virginia based companies include:

  • They are accessible. Everyone can use VoIP. Some providers, like we at NTConnections, also offer desktop and smartphone applications. That way, your employees can have business calls from clients from all over the world, while being anywhere.
  • Productivity boost. Using business VoIP services, Virginia situated organizations can increase their efficiency. How? According to statistics, companies boost their productivity by up to 20% after switching to Internet telephony.
  • More reliability. Do you think that you won’t be able to make business calls if the Internet goes down? That’s far from the truth! Providers like NTConnections offer a call-forwarding feature. It automatically redirects all calls to another device of your choosing in case you lose access to the Web.
  • Wide variety of features. With business VoIP services, companies in Virginia can use functions like free voicemail, video conferencing, voice-to-text transitions, file transfers, as well as many other features. We should add that Internet telephony services offer much better voice quality.
  • It’s much more cost-effective. According to statistics, businesses that implemented VoIP services save up to 75% on operational costs and over 30% on phone bills. Do you work with clients overseas? Then, you’ll be glad to know that Voice over Internet Protocol solutions can help you save up to 90% on international calls.

How to choose a provider of Business VoIP Service Virginia?

Now, you should know about the benefits of this type of service for SMBs and larger enterprises.

But how can you choose a VoIP provider that suits your company the most?

Here are some of the things to factor in when choosing a Business VoIP Service Virginia:

  • Pricing. Decide on your budget before selecting an operator.
  • Integration. Are you using cloud applications and business utilities in your work? Make sure that your VoIP provider allows integration with them if it’s essential for the workflow.
  • Range of services. Don’t overpay for extra features if your organization won’t benefit from them.
  • Security. Want to prevent information leakage? Then, look for a provider that has cybersecurity as one of its top priorities.

Top 3 Business VoIP Service Virginia

Now you know what to look for in your Voice over Internet Protocol service provider.

It’s time to move to our list of best business VoIP services for Virginia-based companies.

1. Jive

A good and affordable choice for tinier companies in Virginia. Jive’s business VoIP service provides a high number of extra features and a wide selection of pricing plans.

2. Nextiva

Nextiva provides one of the best VoIP phone services in the industry. This vendor offers good pricing, customizable features, and mobile applications. Even though Nextiva pricing for international calls is quite expensive, there’s no arguing that it offers reliable service for a reasonable price.

3. NTConnections

NTConnections offers all-in-one tech solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in Washington and Virginia. Aside from offering business VoIP service for Virginia-based companies, NTConnections can provide a wide range of IT solutions. They include IT consulting, data backup, network security, cloud infrastructure maintenance, as well as many other types of managed tech services.

Boost your business with a proper VoIP provider

Looking for a secure and reliable Business VoIP Service in Virginia? Then, we have great news! As your IT partner, NTConnections will fulfill all your technology needs and provide you with solutions that would fit your company the most.

Feel free to drop us a line whenever you are ready to empower your business with our custom-tailored approach!