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Cheap VoIP Service Falls Church

cheap VoIP service Falls Church

Cheap VoIP Service Falls Church (Virginia) for Business

Are you looking to get the best Cheap VoIP Service in Falls Church? Good news: you’ve got the right address!

As a Managed IT Service Provider with decades of experience, NTConnections can tell you everything about Voice over Internet Protocol and its advantages for small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, we are going to tell how you to identify a suitable provider of cheap VoIP service for Falls Church-based organizations.

What is a cheap VoIP service?

Voice over Internet Protocol (also known as IP telephony) is a telecommunication service that uses the Internet to make and receive calls. By freeing up phone lines, VoIP helps users reduce operating costs and phone bills, as well as provides a variety of advantages.

What can organizations in Falls Church get out of cheap VoIP service?

Benefits of Cheap VoIP Service Falls Church for businesses

Organizations all over the US (that also concerns companies throughout the world) keep switching to VoIP solutions from regular phones. According to predictions, by 2022, there will be over 3 billion mobile VoIP users.

Do you want to know why small and medium-sized businesses need to stick to Voice over Internet Protocol services? Let’s take a look.

  • Better call quality

With proper VoIP providers, you get a clearer audio quality, as well as a stable video feed (compared to regular phones). However, it mostly depends on the provider. This is one of the reasons why it’s crucial to choose a proper operator of cheap VoIP service in Falls Church.

  • Affordability

IP telephony is a more affordable solution for organizations of all sizes.

According to statistics, cheap VoIP phone service can help companies in the US save up to 40% on local calls. Furthermore, expect up to 90% more savings on state-to-state and international calls.

With NTConnections, small and medium-sized businesses in Falls Church can expect to receive a VoIP solution that can cut a significant part of operational costs.

  • Advanced functionality

About 90% of IT companies in the US will cease installing on-premise communications by 2022. The reason why? Because regular phone services don’t offer as much in terms of features.

For example, with a proper provider, SMBs in Falls Church get several advantages, including:

  • video and audio conferences
  • call forwarding (redirects calls to dedicated devices when there is no access to the Internet)
  • desktop and mobile VoIP app (allows workers to take business calls from anywhere in the world)
  • voicemail
  • file transfer
  • call recording
  • Reliability

As we stated, employees can take business calls away from the office with a mobile VoIP app.

Furthermore, cheap VoIP service in Falls Church can be utilized even if the Internet goes down by using a call forwarding feature (that we also mentioned above). That way, any organization can prevent unplanned downtime, further increasing productivity.

Speaking of which…

  • Productivity

IP telephony is not just about affordability and convenience. All of the abovementioned benefits translate into better productivity. You should know that companies tend to experience up to a 20% increase in efficiency after implementing VoIP solutions.

How to get the right provider of Cheap VoIP Service Falls Church (Virginia)

Any company can make use of the benefits we listed above. But only if they choose a good provider.

That’s why experts at NTConnections compiled this list of tips on how to get the best cheap VoIP service Falls Church can offer.

  1. Pay attention to the payment rates. Have a lot of clients from overseas? Then, it’s important to check international ones. Also, make sure to consider the costs of equipment installation and configuration.
  2. Customer support. How fast can this provider address emergencies? For example, NTConnections tends to respond to customer queries in 30 seconds on average. We also have over 125 IT and help desk professionals at your disposal 24×7.
  3. Scalability. You should get a cheap VoIP provider that can scale and adjust to your needs. This way, you can pick a suitable payment plan and order more features later on (as your company gets bigger).
  4. Feedback. There’s an easy way to find out if your provider deserves to be trusted. All you have to do is visit review portals and listen to feedback from other customers.

NTConnections – Cheap VoIP Service Falls Church

NTConnections is a reputable IT company that supplies organizations in Virginia and Washington with custom-tailored tech solutions since 2003. Aside from IP telephony, we offer network security measures, cloud infrastructure migration, and management, data recovery, as well as consultancy and audit services.

Want to get a reliable yet cheap VoIP service in Falls Church? Need an IT partner that could take care of all of your technological needs? Then – feel free to drop us a line!

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