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Cheap VoIP Service Sterling

Cheap VoIP Service Sterling

Cheap VoIP Service Sterling, Virginia

Voice over Internet Protocol is a cost-effective way of telecommunications. However, choosing a suitable provider of Cheap VoIP Service in Sterling (Virginia) can be complicated. How do get a viable solution with so many operators to choose from? We have an answer!

Why should you trust us? NTConnections supplies companies all over Virginia with IT solutions since 2003. You can rely on our knowledge and experience to help you identify a suitable operator that stands out from the competition.

This post talks about the principles of VoIP and its advantages for businesses of all sizes. Keep reading until the end if you want to learn about the best cheap VoIP service Sterling can offer.

What is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)?

VoIP is a system that transmits video, audio, and other data between users via the World Wide Web. Voice over Internet Protocol is sometimes referred to as IP telephony or Internet phone service.

The most popular types of IP telephony include residential, application-based, on-premise, cloud, hosted, and business VoIP.

Cheap VoIP service in Sterling is getting increasingly in demand, especially among small and medium-sized businesses. Want to know what’s behind this popularity?

Reasons to get Cheap VoIP Service Sterling?

Sterling-based organizations can benefit in various ways by opting for Voice over Internet Protocol solutions.

Let’s see why.

  • Cost-effectiveness

As you might have figured out, cheap VoIP service in Sterling is more affordable compared to regular phone services. But how cost-efficient is it, exactly?

Based on statistics, companies get to save up to 30% on phone bills with a good IP telephony provider. What if you have a lot of clients and partners from overseas? That’s even better! With proper VoIP operators, you will save 90% more on international calls.

However, it’s not just about being affordable.

  • Functionality

Some providers, like we at NTConnections, can offer business-oriented features that regular phones simply can’t. Cheap VoIP service in Sterling can provide the following features:

  • call forwarding
  • call recording
  • cheap video/audio conferences
  • auto-attendant
  • mobile VoIP app (that grants the ability to make business calls from any place in the world)
  • Possibilities forRemote Work

Want to open up possibilities for remote? With cloud VoIP solutions, employees can work even away from the office. And you shouldn’t be concerned that it would hurt their productivity either. Why?

  • Productivity

It turns out that giving employees more mobility results in productivity gain. According to statistics, companies that switched to business VoIP phone service gained around a 20% boost in inefficiency.

Does all of this sound good to you? Then, you should consider choosing a suitable VoIP service provider in Sterling. Keep reading to find out how.

How to pick a suitable provider of Cheap VoIP Service Sterling (Virginia)

There are many things to take into account when choosing an IP telephony company. NTConnections recommends focusing on the following:

  • Account for ALL expenses. You are wrong to assume that every company that states that it offers cheap VoIP service in Sterling will keep its promise. Go through all the details carefully before making a decision. For example, some companies tend to offer low payment rates only for the first couple of months, and then their rates get much higher. Also, make sure to check the international call rates and take other expenses into account (like the price for installing hardware).
  • Support service. Are you representing a medium-sized business or a larger corporation? Then, you need to be prepared in case something goes wrong. Find out about the company’s customer support service and working hours to make sure it’s going to be there when your employees need it.
  • Integration. You’d want to ensure that all of your business apps and IT infrastructure will work with your provider. For that reason, NTConnections offers a tech audit service. Our experts can evaluate your IT environment to find the most suitable tech solutions.
  • Company’s background. Pay attention to what other customers say about your potential vendor. It’s easy – you can do it by visiting one of the many online review platforms.

Reliable VoIP Service for SMBs in Sterling with NTConnections

NTConnections is a managed IT service company for small and medium-sized businesses in Virginia and Washington. Aside from IP telephony, we offer cloud backup solutions, network security, data management, and many more. As your IT partner, we will take care of the technical side of your business so you can focus on essential goals.

Do you want to get the best VoIP service in Sterling for your company? Then, feel free to reach out to NTConnections for consultancy.

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