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Cheap VoIP Service Virginia

Cheap VoIP service Virginia

Best Provider of Cheap VoIP Service Virginia for SMBs

Are you looking for a Cheap VoIP Service in Virginia? Don’t rush! Voice over Internet Protocol telephony isn’t just a cost-effective way of telecommunications. It offers many benefits for businesses all over the US. Want to know about them?

Since 2003, NTConnections supplied SMBs in Virginia and Washington with affordable tech solutions.
With our help, you are guaranteed to make the right choice for your operator.

Want to find out about the best VoIP operator in Virginia? Then, you should stick until the end.

What is a VoIP?

For many years, people relied on phone lines for telecommunications. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a more innovative and cost-effective type of phone service. It frees up the phone lines and uses the Internet (or LAN) to transmit audio and video call data.

VoIP solutions are getting more and more popular in the US. By 2022, only 10% of IT leaders could be using standard on-premise communications. It also shouldn’t surprise you that VoIP service in Virginia is the prevalent way of telecommunications.

There’s a widespread belief that organizations opt for VoIP only because these services are inexpensive. However, things are more complicated. Want to find out about the real reasons Why SMBs in Virginia get Cheap VoIP Services? Then, continue reading.

Benefits of Cheap VoIP Service Virginia-based companies

What can organizations in Virginia get from Voice over Internet phone services?

As it turns out, quite a lot. Let’s go through each advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • More savings. According to statistics, providers of cheap VoIP services in Virginia can help you cut up to 30% of phone bill costs. If you have customers from over the globe, you can save even more! With a good IP telephony operator, you save up to 90% on international calls.
  • Improved flexibility. Some providers, like we at NTConnections, offer business-oriented features that can enhance your company. With a mobile app, workers can take business calls away from the office, which opens new possibilities for remote work. Want to maximize business continuity? Then, make use of the call-forwarding feature, which redirects calls to other devices in case the Internet goes down.
  • Better productivity. VoIP services aren’t just cheap. They also improve the efficiency of your employees. Statistics say that companies that made a switch to IP telephony experience up to a 20% boost in productivity.

Picking the best provider of Cheap VoIP Service in Virginia

As you may know, “cheap” doesn’t always mean “better.” How can you make sure that you’re getting a good deal with a cheap VoIP in Virginia?

To help you out, NTConnections compiled a list of things to look out for when picking your vendor. Let’s get to them.

  • International call rate. The international rates for calls could be astronomical even among the cheapest providers. Make sure to check the rates for different countries to make sure you’re picking the Best VoIP Service for your business.
  • Cost of hardware installation. Don’t forget to account for expenses associated with installing the necessary hardware.
  • Support. Something can always happen at your office. That’s why you need to check the working hours of your vendor and their availability during weekends.
  • Track record. It’s crucial to listen to other clients’ feedback You can do that by checking various review platforms and by contacting other companies who worked with your potential vendor.

Get Reliable and Cheap VoIP Service in Virginia with NTConnections!

NTConnections is a managed IT services company with over 17 years of experience. It focuses on providing startups, as well as small and medium-sized organizations with custom-tailored tech solutions.

Want a reliable but cheap VoIP service in Virginia? With NTConnections, you are guaranteed to get an advanced cloud IP telephony with great uptime. Aside from phone services, you can make use of our network security solutions, IT consulting, data backup, web hosting, and other tech services.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much money you aim to save, it’s important to pick a reputable provider of IP telephony. How about getting a cheap VoIP service in Virginia that’s also reliable and feature-rich? With NTConnections as your IT partner, you’ll get the most cost-effective tech solutions that can enhance your business.

Interested in our services? Then, feel free to reach us at any time!