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Cheap VoIP Service Centerville

Cheap VoIP Service Centerville

Cheap VoIP Service Centerville – Get the Best Provider

Are you looking for the most reliable Cheap VoIP Service Centerville can offer? Good news! We’ve got just what you need!

Voice over Internet Protocol service is the most cost-effective way of telecommunications for any company. This blog post talks about the advantages of IP telephony that drive so many companies in the US to make a switch.

Want to get the best VoIP solution for small or medium-sized businesses? Stick until the end to learn how to pick a suitable and cheap VoIP service in Centerville.

What is VoIP (IP telephony)?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service that uses the Word Wide Web (or LAN) to transfer data. Unlike regular telephony, VoIP (also known as IP telephony) doesn’t use phone lines to make calls. In addition to that, it can open new possibilities for businesses in the US.

What are we talking about? You’ll find out about various advantages of cheap VoIP service in Centerville in a minute.

Why should you switch to Cheap VoIP Service Centerville?

VoIP phone service is the way to go for the majority of US businesses. As of now, over 31% of US-based companies opted for IP telephony for telecommunications. Do you want to know why?

Let’s go through the reasons why it’s so sought-after.

1. It’s Affordable

As you might expect, cheap VoIP service in Centerville can help businesses and entrepreneurs save a lot of money. According to statistics, it saves up to 32 call minutes for each employee every day.

With the proper provider, you can save up to 40% on local calls. What about companies with a lot of clients worldwide? For them, IP telephony becomes even more beneficial. For example, providers like us at NTConnections can help these organizations save approximately 90% on international calls.

2. Feature-rich

VoIP phone systems are much more versatile compared to standard phones. With NTConnections, you can avail of features like:

  • call-forwarding
  • cheap conference calls
  • file transfer
  • call recording
  • find me/follow me
  • mobile VoIP app

3. Mobility

Want to become more versatile? The cheap VoIP service in Centerville allows companies to go remote with a VoIP app. With this feature, employees can take business calls and work away from the office.

4. Makes Business more Productive

Here’s one more reason to switch to Voice over Internet Protocol solution. According to reports, IP telephony can increase productivity by up to 20% for small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, VoIP allows companies to perform better while spending less.

How to choose the best Cheap VoIP Service in Centerville

It’s easy to find an IP telephony vendor in Centerville. It’s even easier to make a mistake and get an unreliable one.

What should you look out for in a Voice over Internet solution?

Here are some things you should consider when choosing a cheap VoIP service provider in Centerville:

  1. Features (must-haves). Make sure that your provider fits your needs. NTConnections strongly advises getting a vendor who offers features like call-forwarding and a mobile VoIP app, as it can improve your company’s efficiency.
  2. International call rates. Many so-called cheap VoIP service providers in Centerville have inflated rates for international calls. This is why you need to check all the rates (they can vary based on the country you’re calling).
  3. Other expenses. Don’t forget to account for expenses associated with installing new hardware and configuring software.
  4. Uptime. Unplanned downtime can get extremely expensive for any business. Make sure to get a reliable provider with a good uptime so that your organization remains accessible at all times. The call-forwarding feature would also be a plus (it transmits calls to other devices in case the Internet goes down).
  5. Support service. What’s your vendor’s response time? Does it operate on weekends and holidays? With NTConnections, you get 24×7 support and an average of 30-second response time. That way, your issues are going to be addressed in the nick of time.
  6. Feedback from other clients. Last but not least, – read customer reviews. You can do it by visiting countless review platforms with feedback from real clients.

Enhance your business in Centerville with Cheap VoIP Service from NTConnections

We are a managed service and IT support company with over 17 years of experience. NTConnections aim at startups, as well as small and medium businesses in Virginia and Washington.

Our services include network security, data backup, cloud infrastructure management, and web hosting (in addition to VoIP phone service).


Are you looking for a reliable yet cheap VoIP service in Centerville, or do you want an all-in-one solution for all of your tech needs? In any case – NTConnections is here to help.

See for yourself how we can enhance your business – drop us a line today

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