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Business Data Backup in Virginia

Business Data Backup Virginia

Business Data Backup in Virginia for SMBs – Our Top 3

Do you want to make sure your business is not only efficient but also secure? Then data backup is an essential step on the road of empowering your company. The thing is: there are various ways to secure data for organizations in 2022. What we at NTConnections advocate is that not every provider of data backup can be suitable for your particular business. Eager to know how to secure your corporate information most effectively? Then get ready to learn about the top 3 solutions for business data backup in Virginia in 2022!

NTConnections is a managed service vendor and IT company that specializes in providing SMBs in Virginia with custom cloud backup solutions. Using our expertise and over 17 years of experience on the market, we made sure that this blog post will aid in finding the most suitable type of business data backup for Virginia-based companies.

Why data backup is crucial for business in 2022?

When we talk about the significance of securing your business information with data backup, we don’t mean just malware and ransomware attacks. Aside from hackers, there are tons of ways to lose sensitive corporate data.

Some of the most popular ways your organization’s files and info can be lost or corrupted include:

  • As we mentioned, ransomware and malware attacks could damage your data or make it inaccessible. Many small organizations believe that they won’t be a target for hackers due to their size, but they couldn’t be more wrong. More than 20% of SMBs get attacked one year after founding. Such a big percentage of attacks during the first year make small business backup strategy solutions a must-have.
  • Stolen or lost devices. You can simply lose your notebook or smartphone. And, as you may know, most of the stolen gadgets are rarely recovered.
  • Physical damage to the hard drive. An accidental crash or fall can render information on your device unrestorable. It would be a pity if you didn’t back it up.
  • Natural disasters. The entirety of your data can be lost due to unpredictable accidents. About 93% of companies that experienced data loss for over ten days filed for bankruptcy within the next 5 years. Therefore, if you don’t implement proper backup solutions, then all this information won’t ever be recovered. And, as you see, that can lead to disastrous financial results.
  • Human error. A big chunk of data corruption happens accidentally due to the clumsiness of employees.
  • Storage failure. All storage devices fail. It’s just a matter of time. In 2019, the hard drive failure rate reached 1,89%. However, you will significantly reduce such risks by implementing other backup solutions and cloud storage.

So, what should we get out of this? As NTConnections experience and statistics show, all companies should implement proper solutions for business data backup in Virginia, as well as in other parts of the US.

Do you want to know what providers can offer the best backup services for your organization? Then stick with us for a little more.

Top 3 business data backup providers for Virginia based businesses

According to our tests, the following providers offer the best solution for business data backup in Virginia. Let’s go through each one.


This vendor provides great backup solutions for small businesses in Virginia. CrashPlan offers secure file backup and restoration from the desktop application, 256-bit AES encryption tech, and even ransomware recovery.


Carbonite backup solutions are suited primarily for smaller organizations that aim to protect their corporate files. This provider offers straightforward and effective services with an unlimited amount of server licenses for a low price. That being said, the restoration process itself is too time-consuming, and their third-party cloud support leaves a lot to be desired.


Both IT company and managed services provider, NTConnections focus on providing SMBs in Virginia, as well as Washington, with cloud infrastructure solutions and cloud backup technology. With our customized approach for every client, your company can be sure that its data is protected and easily restorable at all times.

Protect your business data today

A proper data backup strategy should be one of the top priorities for every startup and large enterprise in the US. If you want your company to run smoothly and risk-free as possible, then you need to get your data backup technologies up to date.

With NTConnections, you can get high-quality and top-notch solutions for business data backup in Virginia. If you’re interested in our innovative and advanced services – feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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