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Business Data Backup Centerville

Business Data Backup Centerville

Business Data Backup Centerville – Managed Service Provider

Every business should make use of data backup. Many companies don’t take it seriously and delay implementing proper disaster recovery measures. What does that lead to? In most cases, it results in inevitable data loss and unnecessary expenses. Sometimes, it can even lead to bankruptcy. However, you can prevent all of these risks by incorporating proper Business Data Backup in Centerville right now!

There are myriads of ways for sensitive corporate files and software to get corrupted. However, your business continuity is in your hands.

As a managed IT services vendor, NTConnections has enough expertise to help you find the best backup solutions for small businesses and medium-sized organizations in Centerville, Virginia.

Sounds interesting? Then let’s get going!

Reasons to Backup your Data

Data corruption is quite prevalent in today’s world. Over 1/3 of all PC users lose some of their files due to external factors or their own mistakes. And how often does it happen with companies?

As it turns out, they have even more reasons to back up their corporate files. They include:

  • Businesses frequently suffer from hackers. And it’s not just larger enterprises. Even tinier companies with fewer than 250 employees are at risk. According to statistics, about 20% of all startups and smaller organizations suffer from ransomware and malware attacks during their first year of work. And the threat won’t go away even with innovative cybersecurity solutions. You must find a reliable vendor of business data backup in Centerville to safeguard your information.
  • Disaster recovery measures reduce the chances of unnecessary costs. But it’s not just hackers you should worry about. There are many ways to lose files without anyone interfering. For example, the hard-drive failure rate in the US reached 1.89% in 2019. That translates roughly to 140,000 storage devices breaking every day. But that’s not all! There are also human errors, power outages, and natural disasters. Without proper disaster recovery and data backup measures, businesses in Centerville have to spend considerable resources to recover. If they are lucky.
  • A huge percentage of companies go bankrupt after a massive data loss. Based on information from the “National Archives & Records Administration in Washington DC,” as many as 93% of organizations that lost access to crucial data for over ten days closed their doors during the next year.

We hope you agree with experts at NTConnections as to why backup is important for businesses of all sizes. But what measures should you undertake to ensure the security and storability of your files?

Backup Strategy for SMBs in Centerville

Want to benefit from a good backup strategy for small businesses?

Throughout the last 17 years, NTConnections delivered the fail-proof disaster recovery and business data backup for SMBs in Centerville, as well as in other parts of Virginia.

Here are some examples of proven ways to safeguard essential data according to our experience.

  • Identify crucial information. You’d want to copy files and applications which are tied to the company’s activity. They usually include operating systems, applications, configuration settings, VMs, databases, and other vital data.
  • Copy the critical information regularly. You should use both Direct Attached Storage (USB, HDDs, SDDs) and Network Attached Storage (servers).
  • Implement disaster recovery storage. Make use of specialized devices that can withstand natural disasters, like fires and floods. That way, you can protect data that would be normally destroyed otherwise.
  • Use cloud backup. It’s important to store some of the information away from your office. You can store it in a dedicated place away from work. However, the best way to do it is by hiring a provider of cloud business backup in Centerville.

Top 3 Providers of Business Data Backup Centerville (Virginia)

Looking for a trustworthy cloud backup vendor? Here are some of the best companies that provide business data backup for Centerville-based small and medium-sized organizations.

1. Carbonite

Carbonite backup is one of the most known solutions for smaller firms and startups in Virginia. This provider doesn’t offer much in terms of the integration of other apps. It also doesn’t support the Linux operating system. However, Carbonite provides reasonably priced backup and file restoration solutions.

2. IDrive

IDrive focuses on providing backup solutions for tinier companies and individual users. It offers good cybersecurity options, support of other server apps, and reliable business backup for a low price.

3. NTConnections

Since 2003, NTConnections has supplied companies all over Washington and Virginia with custom-tailored IT solutions. Our experts can evaluate your business model and tech infrastructure to deliver the most suitable business data backup measures Centerville has to offer.

Safeguard your Business with Data Backup Solutions

To sum it up, every organization needs to protect essential information from the get-go. There’s no better way to do it than by implementing reliable business data backup in Centerville.

Do you want to solve all of your tech-related problems and incorporate the most innovative solutions that can empower your company? At NTConnections, we can take care of the safety of your data while you focus on your business goals. If you’re interested in our services – feel free to reach us anytime!

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