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Business Data Backup Fairfax

Business Data Backup Fairfax

Business Data Backup Fairfax – Top 3 Providers

Many companies in America are aware of the reasons to back up their corporate files. At the same time, a significant percentage of small and medium-sized companies don’t even have an incident response plan at hand. What kind of organization are you? If you’re here, then maybe you understand how important it is to protect your data. To help you reach maximal business continuity, we compiled a list of providers for the best business data backup in Fairfax.

Since 2003, NTConnections has been supplying SMBs in Virginia and Washington with custom IT solutions. By reading today’s blog post, you can find out what the best solution for business data backup Fairfax can offer and learn about the importance of Data Backup and Disaster Recovery. Let’s jump right in.

How Important are Backup Solutions for SMBs?

A large number of smaller companies neglect proper data backup solutions after starting a business. As a managed services provider, NTConnections advises every organization to implement proper file recovery systems from the get-go. Do you want to know why?

Below you’ll find the reasons to backup data for businesses in Fairfax, as well as in other parts of America.

One out of every five small businesses is getting malware and ransomware attacks in their first year of work. Do you want to lose all your corporate information? Just follow the example of 40% of startups and don’t protect your data.

Businesses that do get hacked can go bankrupt. If you suffer a significant data loss, there’s a high chance you can go out of business. It’s worth mentioning that the longer you can’t restore your sensitive files, the more chances your business can go under over the next few years.

Having one physical storage is risky even without hackers. Did you know that over 1.89% of hard drives fail every year? Even if you have top-notch cybersecurity, nothing can guarantee that your servers or storage devices won’t break on their own. The same goes for human error among employees.

You don’t suffer any losses and a decrease in performance by backing up. If you strive for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, then business data backup should be one of your top priorities. Some Business Data Backup and Disaster Recovery providers, like NTConnections, provide automated cloud solutions that won’t take away much of your resources or any of your time. With a proper system, your data is going to be regularly backed up while you can focus on business goals.

Top 3 Business Data Backup Fairfax, VA

As you can see, every business can benefit from Data Backup and Disaster Recovery in Fairfax VA. That also concerns startups and tinier companies who need them just as much as bigger organizations in the US.

Do you want to know what providers can deliver the business data backup for Fairfax-based firms? Then, keep reading.

1. CrashPlan

For a reasonable price, CrashPlan offers an intuitive interface, unlimited cloud storage, and automated backup of your files. It’s more suited for smaller companies because this provider doesn’t provide any direct support for business software.

2. Carbonite

With unlimited server licenses, low prices, and a straightforward implementation process, Carbonite backup stands among the top solutions for SMBs in the US. You should know that it has some downsides. For example, it doesn’t support Linux OS and many third-party cloud apps. Still, if you’re looking for data safety, Carbonite may be the right vendor for you.

3. NTConnections

NTConnections specializes in small and medium-sized businesses in Washington and Virginia. With over 17 years of experience, our experts can assess your IT environment and business from the inside to deliver the most efficient cloud Business Data Backup Fairfax.

How do other companies backup critical data?

To ensure business continuity, you’ll also need to choose what files and content should be regularly backed up. What data should businesses in Fairfax back up?

  • Financial, customer, sales, and tax records, as well as the appropriate forms.
  • A virtual server backup is essential for businesses that operate on VMs and containers.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) data, which includes email, text files, spreadsheets, and other applications. As our experience says, no system is completely fail-proof. Therefore, you need to take care of SaaS-based data to ensure maximal recoverability.

Final thoughts

It’s worth noting that the amount and type of files that need regular backup varies based on the company. No system is perfect, and no provider can give you a 100% way to protect it.

Given how crucial it is to your business, we recommend getting a proper vendor for business data backup in Fairfax without postponing. And with NTConnections, you can get a reliable and supportive IT partner to deliver such services for your organization for a reasonable price. If you strive to secure your business, feel free to contact us today! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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