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Business Data Backup Falls Church

Business Data Backup Falls Church

Business Data Backup Falls Church – Top 4 Services

How many ways do you think there are to lose vital information and files? Employees can delete data by accident, storage devices fail quite regularly, and hackers target local companies far too often. There are myriads of ways to lose something important. Do you want to safeguard your organization from data corruption and ensure business continuity? That’s where we at NTConnections come into the picture. Today, we want to talk about the best providers of business data backup in Falls Church, Virginia, and how they can empower your company.

Why should SMBs back up their business data?

At NTConnections, we believe that absolutely every company in Falls Church should implement business data backup solutions from the launch.

Why backup is important for business, you may ask? As we mentioned earlier, there are varieties of ways to lose critical data. Let us show you some statistics to prove our point.

Hacker attacks. Out of every 10 small and medium-sized businesses, 2 suffer a major malware or ransomware attack during their first year. As it turns out, 1/3 of targeted attacks focus on smaller companies with under 250 employees.

Storage devices failing is a real issue. The failure rate of hard drives in 2019 reached 1.89%, which translates to a couple of thousands of daily failed devices.

Lack of innovative backup solutions. Picture this: about 20-25 years ago, floppy disks were one of the go-to backup devices. This is just an analogy. How about statistics? It turns out that 75% of backup solutions fail to restore all of the corrupted data successfully, while a quarter of organizations fail to recover any files whatsoever. That’s why you should aim for the best business data backup provided Falls Church can offer to keep your disaster recovery system up to date.

Human error. It’s the 21st century. However, some organizations still prefer backing up data manually. Not only is it resource-consuming, but it also increases the possibilities of human error.

Top 4 Providers of Business Data Backup Falls Church (Virginia)

As our experience and statistics tell, using services of multiple data backup providers turns out to be too expensive due to high data loss. To stay cost-effective, you need only one, albeit reliable and precise instrument.

Below you’ll find the most reputable provider of business data backup in Falls Church as of 2022.

1. Acronis

Acronis is a trustworthy backup service provider for small and medium-sized companies in Virginia. It supports the majority of common virtual hosts and is compatible with business-oriented software. If you care about cybersecurity, you’ll surely make use of their top-notch anti-ransomware tools.

2. CrashPlan

Looking for a simple yet efficient automated cloud backup? With CrashPlan, you get what you pay for – continuous and reliable business data backup for a reasonable price. It’s good for smaller companies in Falls Church that don’t require some of the more complex features or don’t need support for third-party business software.

2. NTConnections

NTConnections is a managed services provider with a focus on SMBs in Virginia and Washington. It has been supplying organizations with custom-tailored business data backup since 2003. Specialists at NTConnections can study your IT infrastructure and business model to bring you the best possible software and hardware solutions.

4. Carbonite

Want to get the best backup solutions for small businesses Falls Church can offer? Carbonite backup service offers continuous backup and unlimited storage for a low pay rate. If the absence of a mobile app and lackluster user interface doesn’t put you off, then Carbonite is your provider of choice.

How to backup business data?

Want to minimize the risks of losing important data?

Aside from business backup, NTConnections offers consultancy services to help companies boost the protection and recoverability of their data. Let’s go through the basics of a successful backup system.

Automate the process. As we mentioned before, backing up data manually opens up even more possibilities for human error. It’s also inefficient if you use it for every file. Best providers will secure your data automatically so you can allocate your employees to other important jobs.

Have a local backup for the critical files. Stuff like finance and tax records, SaaS, and other sensitive info must be stored on multiple local storage devices.

Keep storage devices separate from your main headquarters. This solution can save your data from theft or natural disasters.

Leave it up to NTConnections to back up business data

Do you want to reduce the risks of data loss to a minimum? Are you striving to ensure maximal business continuity and prevent breaches or unplanned downtime?

For all the reasons stated above, NTConnections can deliver the most suitable IT solutions. With more than 17 years of expertise, our experts can propel your organization to higher levels of innovation and success.

If you’re interested in getting a reliable IT partner and cost-effective business data backup in Falls Church – don’t hesitate to drop us a line today!

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