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Business Data Backup Reston

Business Data Backup Reston

Top 4 Business Data Backup Reston, Virginia

Are you striving to keep all your corporate data safe, secure, and easily recoverable? Data loss is a widespread problem for companies of all sizes. There are many reasons for that, from theft and human error to various types of malware. According to reports, hackers attack over 20% of SMBs in the US during their first year of work. Therefore, even a small business backup strategy is essential in this day and age. If your company wants to migrate the risk of unplanned downtime and prevent unnecessary losses, then it needs Business Data Backup Reston, Virginia.

As a seasoned IT managed services provider, NTConnections conducted research to find the best backup solutions for small business and medium-sized companies in Virginia.

Do you want to know the reasons to back up your corporate files? Are you looking for companies that provide the best business data backup services Reston can offer? Then you’ve come to the right place. In today’s blog post, you’ll find out about the best data backup providers. Let’s get to it!

Why Backup is Important for Business?

Let’s assume you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business in Reston, Virginia. You’re recently launched, and you think that you can postpone backup solutions. And around 40% of SMBs think the same way.

With over 17 years of experience on the market, we can state that you are making a mistake each day you operate without a disaster recovery plan. Why?

To help you understand why every business needs data backup, experts at NTConnections want to introduce you to the following information:

Every storage device fails at some point in time. In 2019, the hard drive failure rate reached 1.89%, which amounts to 140,000 devices in the US weekly.

Many companies don’t know about the attack before it’s too late. About 20% of companies that use the Internet in their daily routine don’t even realize if they were hacked.

Not having business back up often leads to disastrous consequences. According to the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington DC, over 93% of organizations that lost access to their corporate information for a prolonged time filed for bankruptcy during the following 5 years.

It can lead to unplanned downtime. According to statistics, SMBs can lose from $8,000 to $74,00 for each hour when their business remains inaccessible.

And with all that in mind, not every business data backup service in Reston can be sufficient for your company. According to the research, even among companies with a working data recovery system, 3 out of 4 still fail to restore all corrupted files.

So, what backup service providers can guarantee the safety of your data? NTConnections has an answer! Just keep reading to find out.

Top 4 Business Data Backup Reston (VA)

Follow our list of the most reliable backup providers to secure your business data in 2022. Let’s go through each one.

1. Carbonite

Do you want an excellent vendor for smaller businesses in Reston? Then, Carbonite backup solutions may be up your alley. It’s one of the most popular cloud-based data recovery providers in Virginia. If the lack of third-party cloud support and slow restoration process doesn’t put you off, then you’ll find Carbonite suitable for your organization.

2. Backblaze

A good cloud backup provider for SMBs in America. Striving for total business continuity at a reasonable price? Backblaze’s low-cost business data backup solutions may be just the vendor you’re looking for.

3. NTConnections

A reliable and professional IT company that supplies SMBs and large enterprises with custom backup solutions since 2003. At NTConnections, our experts and analysts can assess your firm’s tech infrastructure and business model to deliver the most efficient data recovery plan and cloud backup.

4. CrashPlan

CrashPlan delivers automatic and regular cloud backup of your corporate files and sensitive data. It doesn’t provide the most user-friendly experience and severely lacks a mobile app. However, CrashPlan offers fantastic value for its cheap, reliable, and unlimited storage.

Don’t risk losing your data

Nowadays, disaster recovery solutions are crucial for companies of all sizes. It would be reckless and outright dangerous to neglect them in 2022. With our list of the best business data backup in Reston, you can ensure business continuity and financial prowess. Sometimes, the business backup can save your company from going out of business.

With NTConnections’ long-term experience and expertise, you’ll get one step closer to securing your organization’s valuable information. If you want to become our IT partners and empower your business, feel free to contact us today!

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