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Business Data Backup in Sterling

Business Data Backup in Sterling

Top 4 Providers for Business Data Backup in Sterling, Virginia

You might know that plenty of companies in America suffers from cyber attacks. What you probably don’t know is how often hackers target smaller companies. As a managed service provider for Washington and Virginia-based organizations, NTConnections can claim that startups and tinier businesses have the same chances of losing sensitive information as larger corporations. Surprised? By reading this blog post, we want you to learn about the importance of data recovery plans and introduce you to the most reliable providers of Business Data Backup in Sterling, Virginia.

Importance of Business Data Backup in Sterling based Companies

Nowadays, every business in the US can suffer from unexpected data corruption or malware attack. And it’s not just external factors that are threatening companies.

A significant portion of information losses happens by accident or due to human nature. According to predictions, the majority of potential file loss will be attributable to employee carelessness in a few years.

Do you know what’s interesting? Despite how widely known the risks are, only 57% of IT infrastructures, including those in Sterling, have any business data backup solutions. Furthermore, a quarter of backup solutions are so primitive that they fail to recover any data whatsoever.

At NTConnections, we want to make sure you understand the importance of reliable business data backup for Sterling-based companies.

You should consider choosing a proper backup provider for your business because of the following.

  • It automates file management. No company nowadays should use employees to manually backup key data. Not only is it inefficient, but it also opens up many possibilities for human mistakes. Don’t worry, though. All the vendors for business data backup in Sterling in today’s list use automated backup solutions.
  • Your storage devices won’t last forever. The malfunction rate for hard drives reached 1.89% in 2019. As you can see, you should implement proper data recovery measures even if you have top-notch encryption and cyber protection.
  • Businesses can close due to data loss. According to statistics, over 93% of organizations that lost access to their data centers for over ten days usually go out of business during the next 1-5 years.
  • Hackers pose a threat to SMBs. As it turns out, about 20% of startups and smaller businesses get attacked during their first year. That’s why NTConnections advocates implementing reliable backup measures from the get-go regardless of the firm’s size.

Business Data Backup in Sterling – Top 4 Providers

Now that we touched on why companies of all sizes have tangible reasons to back up their sensitive data let’s go through some of the best providers for local SMBs in Sterling.

1. Backblaze

One of the most reliable providers for individuals and small businesses that need a simple backup solution. Backblaze is easy to use and set up. If you don’t want some of the more complicated features, then their streamlined cloud services may be fitting for your company.

2. Carbonite

Carbonite backup solutions are an excellent fit for tinier organizations and startups in Reston. Some of the larger companies might be put off by a lack of compatibility with other cloud services. However, if you’ve just launched your business and need reliable and cost-effective disaster recovery measures – this provider can be one of the most suitable solutions for business data backup in Sterling.

3. NTConnections

Managed services provider with backup solutions aimed at small and medium-sized businesses in Virginia and Washington. NTConnections focuses on assessing clients’ IT infrastructure and business models to deliver the most suitable security measures, as well as disaster recovery and backup solutions.

4. IDrive

A splendid and affordable vendor focused on providing services for small businesses. IDrive supports most of the server apps while having a clean and straightforward interface. Aside from a variety of features and free backup seeding, it also offers reliable cyber protection measures.

Tips for setting up a reliable backup strategy

It’s extremely important to get a reliable business data backup in Sterling. However, NTConnections recommends going beyond and implementing extra measures, such as:

  • Always make at least two copies of sensitive and critical information on numerous local devices. Why? Because as with all safety measures, even cloud backup is not 100% fail-proof.
  • Make use of Network Attached Storage devices (NAS) for the most critical data.
  • Disaster Protected Storage from military-grade materials can significantly reduce the risks of unplanned downtime and safeguard your critical files.
  • Keep at least one of your additional storage devices with valuable info in a dedicated place away from your headquarters (in case of natural disasters).

Keep your data safe and secure

If the safety of sensitive corporate files is what you’re after, then you should take disaster recovery measures with utmost seriousness. It’s crucial to get reliable providers of business data backup in Reston to maximize your business continuity and prevent potential losses.

NTConnections has been supplying businesses all over Virginia and Washington with custom-tailored IT solutions since 2003. If you’re interested in our knowledge and expertise – feel free to contact us at any time!

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