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Managed IT Services in DC

Managed IT Services in DC

Should you invest in Managed IT Services in DC?

Deciding whether or not to pick managed IT services in DC is a daunting task. You want the best possible guys at a reasonable price. And you want them because managed IT services keep you safe from the disastrous consequences of poor IT management.

What horrors await you if your systems fail? Gartner Inc.’s research says that the average cost of IT downtime is $5600 every minute. However, there is a large degree of variance in this figure. Numbers will be wildly different depending on the organization’s characteristics.

Nevertheless, 98% of businesses say they lose over $100,000 for every hour systems are down. 81% of those enterprises report hourly losses over $300,000. 33% report losses of $1-5 million hourly.

Furthermore, precious time is lost. You’re not only losing money but productivity tanks. An estimated 31 hours per week lost to interruptions is the purported figure of the Washington Post.

Businesses seeking to avoid chaotic intermittent operations look to managed IT services as a solution. As such, 2020 saw the global valuation of the managed service industry come to $223 billion. That represents a compound annual growth rate of 8.1%.

Managed IT Services in the US

$44.75 billion is the value of the managed services market in the US as of 2020. Market value projections reach $72.88 billion in the period 2021-2026 for a compound annual growth rate of 8.44%.

Reasons for having Managed IT Services in DC

There are more than 550 managed IT services in DC. The market here has grown as well. Here are a few reasons why your firm needs a managed service provider.

1. Coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 and government health directives made it necessary for businesses to move their infrastructure and data online as fast as possible. The managed services provider industry was well equipped to handle this abrupt transition efficiently.

Companies’ need to cater to a remote workforce has been a boon to managed IT services in DC

2. Security

29% of managed services provider clients report that the biggest reason to seek third-party assistance was security risks. 77% of managed IT service providers say that 10-20% of their clients have suffered at least one cyber-attack.

A situation made worse by bad actors who seek to prey on the sudden rush of businesses migrating to online solutions due to the pandemic. With more companies’ data in the cloud, it is vital to have managed IT services in DC.

3. Adoption of the cloud

Managed IT services in DC have seen an uptick in companies looking for cloud-based solutions such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

Managed IT services in DC are well-positioned to provide these services.

Tiers of Managed IT Services in DC

1. Low level 

A managed IT service provider that remains minimally involved in a business’s IT needs. This service level monitors the company’s system, integrates new software, and tracks the software’s functionality.

They report any anomalies or threats and advise the client on a course of action.

2. Mid-level 

A leap from the bottom tier managed IT services in DC. These add more value by offering a broader range of services and promptly tackling security risks. They can also scale with the needs of the company and offer disaster recovery services.

3. High level  

High level means the full suite of managed IT services in DC. These guys bring the IT infrastructure themselves. You don’t have to invest in it yourself, therefore, reducing risk to the business.

They bring the expertise of mid-level managed service providers as well as advanced analytics, wireless network support, and much more.

Should you or should you not invest in Managed IT Services in DC?

Whether or not you invest in managed IT services in DC comes down to a question of value. Will it improve upon your current business model? There are many benefits to having managed IT service in DC. Some of these include:

  • Professional help – you’ll have the expertise of many rather than a handful of employees. Thus reducing risk and increasing efficiency.
  • Cost-saving – you get 24/7 monitoring without paying for a permanent salaried in-house team
  • Higher certification standards – managed IT services in DC represent many technology vendors. They are more equipped to provide you with the latest and greatest. This is paramount in a sea of ever-evolving IT products.

In getting to know whether managed IT services in DC are necessary, a business must first individually evaluate its operations and find out which areas can be bolstered. Only then can they make the right decision.

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