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Best VoIP Service in Virginia

Best VoIP Service in Virginia

Best VoIP Services in Virginia

If you live in Virginia, you probably noticed the overwhelming amount of VoIP providers in the area. What is this service, and what makes it so sought-after? In simple terms, Voice over Internet Protocol is a more cost-efficient way of telecommunicating through the Internet, which makes it cost-effective for large and medium-sized businesses. Wouldn’t you want to identify the best VoIP Service in Virginia to cut unnecessary telephone expenses and experience newfound efficiency? If yes, then we at NTConnections have your back.

What is Voice over Internet Protocol?

Whoever you are, I think we are right to assume you are dedicating a significant chunk of the day to telephone conversations. However, there are cost-effective alternatives to standard telephone services. VoIP is a type of communication that uses the Internet for making and receiving calls between users. According to statistics, organizations can save around 40% of costs on local calls, and up to 90% on international ones.

Aside from regular audio calls, VoIP service providers can allow video calls, conference meetings, monitor screening, voicemail, and many more features. The number of functions that you get is based on the VoIP vendor and the payment mode you choose. For example, NTConnections differs from local competition because it offers SMBs fully-featured Voice over Internet Protocol solutions.

But how do you select the right VoIP provider?

What to look out for in Best VoIP Service in Virginia?

As we mentioned before, there is an overwhelming amount of local Voice over Internet Protocol vendors in Virginia. Using NTConnections recommendations, you can find the best VoIP service for  business by considering the following factors

  • Payment rate. You’ll unquestionably save a lot of money by switching to VoIP services. Still, you should take monthly fees and taxes into consideration when choosing your vendor.
  • The number of features. Some VoIP providers offer limited functionality. For example, you should check for the availability of standard phone services, like 911, 411, directory listings, or call forwarding. With NTConnections, however, you can be sure you’re getting the most feature-rich VoIP service for your business needs.
  • Do you plan on using this service for business or your personal use? For example, if a Virginian VoIP provider is best suited for large organizations and you need it for a small number of employees, then there’s no reason to overpay for it.
  • Additional equipment. Some vendors require you to get a separate tool, like an Analogue Terminal Adapter (ATA) box, for your VoIP to operate. It’s crucial to verify if this equipment is compatible with your organization’s network infrastructure.

Top 5 Best VoIP Services in Virginia

It’s time to review some of the best VoIP service providers in Virginia. NTConnections have compiled a list of reliable telecommunication vendors that can be beneficial to businesses and individuals alike.

1. Jive Voice

These cloud-based VoIP services can help you forget about regular phone equipment. In addition to saving money from incoming and outcoming calls, you get unlimited messaging, route forwarding, and reliable cybersecurity measures. Get the mobile application if you want to take business calls from anywhere in the country.

2. Onsip

Onsip is a reliable business VoIP provider that offers flexible payment rates. Do you want to apply this service to your desk phones, smartphones, or both? Pick the plan that suits you most and change it in the future if you want.

3. Skype

One of the most used VoIP services on the globe that has extremely useful features. You can chat, message, as well as host video or audio conferences from any place in the world. Enjoy low-cost international calls for reasonable prices or get a virtual local phone number for a monthly fee. All of the above makes Skype the best VoIP service for business or home usage.

4. PhonePower

This provider delivers its services through external equipment called a Phone Power Adapter. You have to plug it into your router and then link it to as many stationary phones as you’d like. It makes for a nice VoIP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. For an additional price, you can get other options, like voicemail, call recording, as well as iOS and Android apps, so that you can use it away from work.

5. NTConnections

At NTConnections, we believe that a reliable VoIP system is an essential part of a successful growing business. Voice over Internet solutions helps utilize Web connectivity, making telecommunications more accessible, reliable, and cost-effective. With NTConnections, you can expect the most innovative and feature-rich VoIP service in Virginia for a reasonable price.

Choosing the Best VoIP Service in Virginia

To sum it up, there isn’t any reason not to use Voice over Internet Protocol communications these days. The benefits are undeniable, and there are but a few downsides that only some vendors have. To get the best out of telecommunications in Virginia, choose the VoIP provider best suited for your goals.

With NTConnections, you can get premium VoIP solutions in Virginia and Washington. If you are a small or medium-sized business that wants
to upgrade its communications technology and cut necessary expenses, feel free to contact us at any time.

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