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Business VoIP Service Fairfax

Business VoIP Service Fairfax

Business VoIP Service Fairfax VA – Best 3 Providers

Are you a representative of a small or medium-sized business in Fairfax? Do you want to boost your company’s productivity and eliminate unnecessary expenses? Then, you’ve found what you’re looking for. In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know to get the best Business VoIP Service Fairfax can offer.

Voice over Internet Protocol offers many advantages to organizations in Virginia. It’s a much more cost-effective solution compared to regular phone services, and it offers many more functions. Companies that implement proper Internet telephony can increase mobility and become much more flexible. Do you want to know how? Then continue reading.

NTConnectinos is a provider of business VoIP service in Fairfax, as well as in other parts of Virginia. We’ll help you pick the right vendor of Internet telephony for your company using more than a decade of experience.

Difference between regular Phone Service and Business VoIP Service Fairfax based Companies

To make sure we’re on the same page, let’s start with the basics.

Regular phone services transmit calls through telephone lines. It makes them quite expensive, especially if your business works with clients from overseas. The majority of leading IT organizations ditched regular phones long ago. Shortly, approximately 90% of leading tech companies will ditch on-premise communications in favor of more advanced cloud solutions.

Voice over Internet Protocol refers to a type of service that uses Local Area Networks or the Internet to convey calls and messages. Seeing as the Internet is mostly free, business VoIP service helps Fairfax-based companies save a significant percentage of resources.

How beneficial is VoIP for small and medium-sized businesses in Virginia? According to statistics, organizations with VoIP can save up to 30% on phone bills. If, however, most of your clients live across the border, Internet telephony can help you cut 90% on international calls.

Furthermore, many providers offer advanced business VoIP features for companies in Fairfax. With NTConnections, employees can make use of the call-forwarding feature and mobile apps, which allow them to work from anywhere in the world.

Business VoIP service also enhances productivity. What do we mean? Based on the statistic, organizations that embrace Internet telephony tend to experience about a 20% rise in inefficiency.

But how to make sure that you’re getting the most out of VoIP possibilities?

How to choose a reliable Business VoIP Service Fairfax (VA)

We don’t recommend going for the cheapest VoIP business phone service Fairfax can offer. If you strive to get a real increase in productivity – aim for reputable and reliable providers instead.

Some things you should factor in when selecting a business VoIP service in Fairfax are:

  • Features. Identify what functionality you need for the business. Do you want to get features like voicemail, call recording, or call forwarding?
  • Pricing. Make sure you get everything you need without overpaying for unnecessary services.
  • Suitability and integration. Does your provider offer desktop and mobile applications? Also, make sure that your IT environment supports the necessary hardware and software. At NTConnections, we can perform a full IT audit to deliver business VoIP service that would suit any Fairfax situated organization.
  • Security. No one wants their sensitive corporate information to get leaked. That’s why you’d want your operator to prioritize proper encryption and cybersecurity measures.

Top 3 providers of Business VoIP Service Fairfax

Now, let’s go through the most reliable solutions for Internet telephony in Fairfax, Virginia.

1. Nextiva

Nextiva is one of the biggest providers in the US. It offers a powerful and straightforward cloud VoIP service for businesses in Fairfax. With Nextiva, you can effectively manage communications in different branches of your company from one central platform. The Nextiva pricing options are also one of the best in the industry.

2. Jive

This vendor offers great Internet telephony that allows organizations in Fairfax to increase team collaboration and open up possibilities for remote work. Jive also provides over 80 various VoIP tools that are going to be useful for most SMBs.

3. NTConnections

NTConnections is a managed IT service provider that supplies small and medium-sized organizations in Fairfax with custom-tailored tech solutions. Want to implement good business VoIP? With NTConnections, you’re going to get excellent cloud-hosted telephony options that can enhance your company.


We hope that now you understand what to look for in a proper business VoIP service in Fairfax.

If you’re looking to get a trustworthy vendor that can take care of all your IT needs – NTConnections will be happy to help you. Reach us today if you’re interested in a tailor-made approach to your business.

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