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Business VoIP Service Washington

Business VoIP Service Washington

Best Solutions for Business VoIP Service Washington

More and more companies in the US choose favor of Voice over Internet Protocol services. VoIP provides organizations of all types with a cheaper and more effective way of communicating. Do you want to learn about the reasons for its popularity? Need to choose a reliable provider of Business VoIP Service in Washington? Then, you should read till the end.

Who are we? NTConnections is a managed service provider that delivers innovative IT solutions for SMBs in Washington and Virginia for over a decade. That’s why you can count on our knowledge and expertise in the area of business VoIP services for Washington-based organizations.

In today’s blog post, we will outline why you should opt for Internet telephony instead of regular phone services. Also, we are going to introduce you to the most trustworthy VoIP operators that serve companies in Washington.

Reasons to switch to Business VoIP Service Washington

Half of the IT leaders stopped using standard phone services back in 2018. And predictions tell us that by the end of 2022, about 90% of these companies would stop purchasing on-premise telephony services altogether.

Let’s imagine that you’ve chosen to move to Voice over Internet Protocol telephony. What benefits should SMBs in Washington expect from business VoIP services?

  • Bigger savings. To start it all off, VoIP is a very cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses. According to statistics, companies save up to 75% of the money on operational costs. They also cut about 30% of the costs on phone bills.
  • They fit companies with clients from all over the world. Your company can save up to 90% of the costs associated with international calls.
  • Increased mobility. Some vendors in Washington offer desktop and mobile application versions of business VoIP. With providers like NTConnections, your employees can take a work call from anywhere in the world. And that includes times when they don’t have an Internet connection!
  • More features. VoIP services in Washington offer many useful features for small and medium-sized businesses. Companies can make use of video conference calls, voicemail, call recording, free messaging, as well as call-forwarding. The latter allows your employees to redirect calls to other devices in case they don’t have stable access to the Web.
  • Improved productivity. As it turns out, companies that opt for Internet telephony receive an efficiency boost. Statistics show that firms can increase their productivity by up to 20% after switching to Voice over Internet Protocol solutions.

Tips for choosing a Business VoIP Service Washington

You probably already know that there are tons of options for VoIP solutions in Washington. However, not every operator can fit your organization equally well.

Here are some crucial things to should factor in when choosing a provider.

  • Features. Think about the benefits that Voice over Internet can give to your company. Do you want a full range of features this provider offers? Some of the useful services that you can consider are voicemail, call forwarding, video conferences, call recording, and virtual assistants. You should also inquire if this provider offers desktop and mobile apps.
  • Payment rate. It’s easy. Get the most out of your money without overpaying for VoIP features you don’t need.
  • Compatibility. Not every business VoIP solution is guaranteed to fit your technological infrastructure. That’s why NTConnections offers an IT audit to prevent any compatibility issues.
  • Support. You want to make sure that your vendor offers support in case something stops working or one of your employees needs help.

Top 3 Operators of Business VoIP Service Washington for SMBs

As we promised, here is our list of the most reputable business VoIP service providers Washington can offer. Let’s get to it!

1. Nextiva

Nextiva is known as one of the best VoIP phone service providers in the US. It offers reliable telephony services, applications for mobile, and numerous customizable features. And you can get all of that for a reasonable price.

2. Grasshopper

Want to be more flexible? With Grasshopper, you gain access to amazing business VoIP services that can help your employees work from anywhere in the world. This provider is an excellent choice for tinier companies that are looking for affordable and dependable Internet telephony.

3. NTConnections

NTConnections is a managed IT service company that focuses on small and medium-sized organizations. Since 2003, we supply businesses in Washington with custom-tailored tech solutions that are guaranteed to empower your business. Aside from Voice over Internet Protocol, we also offer IT audit and tech consultancy, cloud infrastructure management, and cybersecurity measures.

Enhance your Business with Reliable VoIP!

Now you should know what things to factor in when choosing a Voice over Internet Protocol operator. We hope our article helped you in finding the best provider of business VoIP service in Washington!

At NTConnections, we always do our best to deliver excellent custom-tailored IT solutions for our customers. If you’re interested in partnering with a trustworthy company that can meet all your tech needs – feel free to reach us today!

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