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Best Web Hosting Services Fairfax

Best Web Hosting Services Fairfax

Best Web Hosting Services Fairfax

Looking forwards to launching your new website or migrating to a better platform? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that choosing the right hosting vendor is extremely important for your site. In today’s article, we want to talk about why you should aim for the best web hosting services in Fairfax, Virginia.

To get you acquainted with all aspects of web hosting, NTConnections is going to introduce you to the terminology and best types of web hosting for large, medium, and small businesses in Fairfax. Keep reading, and you’ll find out everything about it!

What is a web hosting service?

So, what is web hosting, exactly? It’s a business of renting out server space on the Internet. Companies that provide such services (web hosting vendors) offer them in many types, based on the needs of each customer. To put it simply, without web hosting, you won’t be able to host your files, images, software, and other content on the World Wide Web. Some vendors, like NTConnections, can additionally build your website from scratch or maximize its efficiency.

Now, what was that about different types of web hosting?

Types of Best Web Hosting Services Fairfax

You can pick out of many categories of web hosting services based on what kind of customer you are. Are you an individual, or are you representing a company in Fairfax, Virginia? What type of organization are you? What sizes of traffic do you expect? All these questions play a crucial role when choosing a web hosting package.

The best types of hosting for SMBs and large enterprises in Fairfax are the following.

Shared hosting

As the name suggests, with this type of service, your platform shares one server with several other sites. This category has many advantages. For example, it’s the cheapest web hosting service available on the market. The monthly payment for shared hosting starts at $3. On the downside, it’s not as reliable as other more expensive services.

Some of the providers that offer shared web hosting are:

  • HostGator
  • Bluehost

Dedicated hosting

An expensive solution for huge enterprises or businesses that expect huge amounts of traffic. For a hefty monthly sum, you get an entire server for your platform to ensure maximum reliability and uptime.

Popular dedicated web hosting providers:

  • GoDaddy
  • NTConnections

Cloud Hosting (VPS)

Virtual Private Server, also known as Cloud hosting, is a flexible solution that combines the first two types of services. Your site still shares a server with other ones (although, with a much smaller number). For an average monthly payment of around $30-$55, you get a much more reliable Web housing with better uptime. This makes this category the best web hosting solution for companies in Fairfax that look for a balance between price and efficiency.

The examples of these services include:

  • NTConnections
  • IBM

Tips for getting the Best Web Hosting Services in Fairfax, Virginia

Did you know that there are over 338,000 web hosting services all over the world, with around 4000 of them stationed in North America? Indeed, that is a lot to choose from!

How do you identify the best web hosting services in Fairfax with a competition like this? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We at NTConnections have come up with a list of tips for SMBs that are looking to find the best hosting for their web platforms.

When choosing a hosting vendor, you should concentrate on the following factors:
Trustworthiness. Find out about the vendor’s professional background. Learn about its legal address, contact info, and make sure to listen to the customer’s feedback.

Pricing. On average, US-based organizations lose $500 million years because of the slow performance of websites. Don’t think you’ll get far by hiring the cheapest vendor or by getting web hosting free.

Features. There are additional features you might find useful for your platform, like extra hosting info, email hosting, and website builders.

Uptime. The average hourly downtime costs up to $400,000 for bigger enterprises. That’s why you should look into the reliability and stability of your vendor.

NTConnections Web Hosting Provider in Fairfax, Virginia

Want to achieve a strong online presence with a fast website? Then it’s essential to pick the best web hosting service in Fairfax for your platform.

NTConnections provides web hosting services to SMBs in Virginia since 2003. We managed to build a reputation as a dedicated and professional company that delivers custom-tailored IT solutions to our clients.

If you want reliability, speed, and stable uptime, then you should look no further! Contact us today, and our experts will contact you in no time!

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