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Business VoIP Service Herndon, Virginia

Business VoIP Service Herndon

Business VoIP Service Herndon

Did you know the majority of companies in the US prefer Voice over Internet Protocol services to standard telephones? Internet telephony is an excellent alternative to regular phone lines that improves the quality of communications for organizations of all sizes. It also allows companies to reduce unnecessary costs. In today’s blog post, we are going to tell you what advantages small and medium-sized businesses in America can get out of IP telephony. Make sure to read until the end if you want to learn about the most reputable providers of Business VoIP service in Herndon, Virginia.

What can we tell you about Voice over Internet Protocol? At NTConnections, we supply clients all over Virginia (including Herndon) with business VoIP services for over a decade. You can count on our knowledge to help you make the right choice.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is a Business VoIP Service Herndon?

VoIP (IP or Internet telephony) is a type of communication that uses access to the World Wide Web to transmit video and audio data. This service doesn’t use phone lines, which significantly reduces its price.

Business VoIP service focuses on small and medium-sized organizations with a lot of employees. Aside from lowering expenses, Internet telephony boosts mobility and productivity for companies in Virginia. Let’s talk about that in detail.

Benefits of Business VoIP Service Herndon

It’s important to understand what possibilities VoIP providers can open to your business. That way, it’ll be easier to make a switch to business VoIP services. And why shouldn’t you? It’s predicted that over 90% of IT leaders will stop purchasing on-site telephony by 2022.

Here are the reasons why business VoIP is beneficial for companies in Herndon.

  • Cost-effectiveness. As we already mentioned, companies in the US can save a lot more money by implementing Voice over Internet Protocol. Proper provider of business VoIP service in Herndon can help you cut over 75% of operational costs and 30% of phone bill expenses. This makes these services a much more reasonable alternative to standard phones.
  • Mobility. Some business VoIP operators, like NTConnections, offer apps for mobile devices. With features like that, employees can make and receive business calls while they’re not in the office. That also opens up new possibilities for remote work.
  • Productivity boost. Statistics show that companies experience an up to 20% rise in efficiency after incorporating business VoIP services.
  • Better quality of communications. The quality of calls is crisper when using a high-speed Internet connection to transmit data.
  • More functionality. Best vendors of business VoIP service in Herndon provide companies with a vast number of useful features that aren’t possible with standard phone operators. For example, you can get voicemail, virtual assistant, call recording, video conferences, file transfer, as well as a call forwarding functionality. Some can be extremely beneficial for certain SMBs.
  • It’s a more reliable service. Based on your provider, you can get innovative encryption solutions for telecommunications. For example, NTConnections supplies customers in Herndon with strong cybersecurity measures that can take your corporate data protection to the next level.

Top 3 providers of Business VoIP Service Herndon, Virginia

You can get the most out of business VoIP solutions, but only with a proper vendor. We strongly discourage organizations from looking for the cheapest VoIP business phone service. Instead, you must strive to find reputable providers.

Here is the list of some of the most popular business VoIP services in Herndon. Let’s take a look!

1. Nextiva

This is a widely known Internet telephony operator for companies all over America. Nextiva provides a reliable and customizable business VoIP service for Herndon-based companies for a low price. On the downside, it has an expensive international call rate. However, there’s no arguing that it’s one of the best choices for most local SMBs.

2. Jive

Are you a representative of a tinier business in Herndon? Then, Jive could be a great choice for you. It’s an excellent business VoIP phone service for Virginia-based companies with exceptional end-to-end encryption. Jive also offers cheap and scalable payment plans so you wouldn’t overpay for features you don’t want.

3. NTConnections

Looking for an all-in-one IT provider for your company? NTConnections is a reliable managed service and business VoIP provider in Herndon. It can take care of virtually all the tech needs of local SMBs. The list of its services includes cybersecurity, data backup, cloud management, and IT consultancy.


Want to boost business productivity and save extra resources? Then, you should start by getting a proper provider of business VoIP service in Herndon.

If you need a reliable and experienced IT partner – NTConnections is the way to go. Contact us if you’re ready to empower your business with our innovative tech solutions!

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