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Business VoIP Service in Centerville

Provider of Business VoIP Service Centerville VA

Feeling the need to upgrade the business phone system? Many companies all over the US keep switching to Voice over Internet Protocol services. It’s a cheaper, more accessible, and more feature-rich solution for telecommunications. But how do you get a suitable Business VoIP Service in Centerville? We’re going to tell you in a minute.

At NTConnections, we strive to provide small and medium-sized businesses in Virginia with innovative IT solutions. That includes the most reliable business VoIP service for Centerville-based organizations.

Want to make sure that your business VoIP system enhances your business? Then, you can rely on our knowledge to help you out.

What is a Business VoIP Service and How does it help Centerville Companies?

Voice over Internet Protocol (IP telephony) refers to a type of telephony that uses access to the Internet to transmit call data. It also can be used to send messages, deliver files, and conduct video conferences.

Business VoIP service helps Centerville-based organizations in ways that standard telephones can’t. Let’s look at the facts:

  • It enhances effectiveness. Companies that switched to business VoIP can experience up to a 20% boost in productivity. This is all due to the better mobility and flexibility that IP telephony offers to employees. Speaking of which…
  • Better flexibility and mobility. Many providers of business VoIP service in Centerville offer useful features that can help any organization. For example, vendors like we at NTConnections can offer desktop and mobile apps. With such functionality, employees can conduct business calls from anywhere in the world.
  • Possibilities of remote work. Due to the ability to work from outside the office, businesses in Centerville open up new possibilities for remote work.
  • It’s much more economical. Cost-effectiveness is the most obvious advantage for business VoIP services. According to statistics, companies with IP telephony save up to 40% of costs on local bills. Have clients from overseas? Then, we have good news. With IP telephony, you get to save approximately 90% on international calls.

Tips to get a suitable Business VoIP Service Centerville

Want to get the most out of IP telephony? Then, you shouldn’t aim for the cheapest VoIP business phone service out there. Instead, NTConnections advises concentrating on the following factors when choosing your business VoIP company.

  • Consider the number of features. What kind of functionality do you think you need? What could your organizations benefit from? What about SIP trunking? Do you want features like call-forwarding, voicemail, or cloud file transferring? Make sure not to overpay for features you don’t have any use for.
  • Pricing rate. Have clients and partners from around the globe? Then, it’s crucial to check the provider’s international call rates.
  • Uptime. You don’t want to be inaccessible during business hours. That’s why you must find a reliable provider with excellent uptime.
  • Video and audio quality. Last but not least – the quality of calls themselves. Make sure to visit review platforms to learn what other customers say about your potential vendor.
  • Track record. Do not forget to listen to other customers! Visit various review platforms and read feedback from companies that worked with your potential vendor.

NTConnections: Business VoIP Service Centerville based Organizations

As you might’ve noticed, Virginia is packed with VoIP service providers. But you shouldn’t pick the first vendor that gets in your sight. Especially, if that’s the cheapest business VoIP service Centerville can offer.

Want to get the most innovative and reliable solution for telecommunications?

NTConnections is a managed IT service provider for organizations in Virginia and Washington. It offers a wide variety of custom tech solutions to local small and medium-sized businesses since 2003. The number of services includes business-oriented Voice over Internet Protocol telephony. Our innovative and tailored approach can open new possibilities for remote work and enhance your company’s productive output.

Aside from business VoIP service in Centerville, NTConnections can supply organizations with cloud infrastructure management, business data backup solutions, and cybersecurity measures.


Are you ready to enhance your company with innovative telecommunications? Then, you should get a reputable provider of business VoIP service in Centerville.

With NTConnections as your IT partner, you can get custom-tailored and affordable tech solutions for your firm. Drop us a line today and learn how we can digitalize your business!

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